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This is just an illustration.
But Audi is planing a coupe based on the next A4. With its own design.
I don’t know much about this, but it’ll use whatever engine the next A4 will use.
And it might even come out before the sedan.

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  1. no kidding.

    another small overpriced coupe from germany

    the monte carlo already looks more modern than this piece of crap. and the audi isn’t even out yet!

    or how about a mustang? the chalenger and camaro will also be out by that time.
    this krautmobile won’t have a fighting chance over here.


    Oh… a hem.. er.. you truely are an idiot. Who is also blind apparently.

  3. What #2 said. HahahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    I declare you officially the village idiot. Go suck on a monte carlo somewhere else,idiot.

  4. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen Vince and Douchebag Jones together at the same place and time…

    And they spell as poorly as each other. Hmmm?

  5. I can’t really understand whay anyone in their right mind would compare an Audi coupe to a Monte Carlo.
    The Chevrolet isn’t even on most people’s mind when they are looking for a 2 door car.

    Even GM doesn’t really believe in it. The didn’t even redesign the whole car for 2006, unlike the Impala…

  6. If the car is built similar to the illustration, it will sell. After all, we do have the 3 Series coupe.

  7. Every time I am driving behind an Audi,I am inspired by their styling, However, every one of them seems to have a burnt out bulb in the tail lights?????

  8. Nissan Spyking: YES! I have noticed that too! What is up with that? Does Audi intentionally put defective bulbs in to necessitate a trip to the dealer?

    I’m glad I’m not alone in this cold cold world.

  9. I’d like to see a coupe back in Audi’s lineup-it was these quattro-equipped vehicles that helped make them what they are today in the U.S. and auto racing one to two decades ago.
    Audi’s relatively recent move up to the executive class of auto manufacture also somewhat necessitates this.

  10. Audi has a coupe in its lineup- the TT, and they will soon have the R8 supercar. I understand what type of car you are talking about though- the old GT Quattro which, in its day, was a Mitsubishi EVO/Subaru WRX-type rally car. It would be cool for Audi to produce such a car again, but they have gone too far upscale to build a car like that (similar to Lexus with the 1st generation IS300). Perhaps VW will come up with something interesting using its 4Motion AWD (new Corrado or Sciorraco, whichever they end up producing). An AWD coupe like that would be a great competetor to the EVO and WRX

  11. Hah-yeah, you’re right, forgot about that one.
    I like the TT, but me forgetting it already just proved how stale (or at least boring, old) it has become.

  12. Don’t even care about the price. Build it and I’ll buy it. That’s how incredibly beautiful this car is.

  13. No more, I repeat no more mention or response in any way from this moment forward about Douchbag. He/ it is dead

  14. VW Passat, Anyone notice the front and rear overhangs. The Germans are anti- overhang. What the Heck happened here. That’s a design acceptable 10 years ago, not now. The more you look, the more you dislike!

  15. i think vince and douchbag are the same person. they make the same spelling errors. split personality much?

  16. douchebag, you truly are retarted. Apparently you don’t know much about cars, claiming that the Audi won’t sell. There’s going to be atleast a 6 month waiting list for this car, when was the last time you had to wait for any American car. Moron!!!

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