Chery is coming?

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Well, eventually. And maybe called Visionary in the US.

This Crossover van looks pretty attractive. Similar to the concept introduced a while ago.
The build quality seems pretty uneven (check out the weird fit of the front hood).
But the interior is very well designed.
This one is a more obvious Nissan copy. And if this is the one Malcom Bricklin claims will compete with the Audi A4, they’re in trouble.
An Audi competititor for $19 000 seems great. But this car looks even cheaper than that..
There are plenty of good $19 000 cars in the US. We’re not talking about a breakthrough $10 000 car, like the Logan in Europe.
This would compete with Camry, Sonata, Accord and tons of others!

A thousand thanks to “Martin from Europe” for these pictures.

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  1. And these cars are still based on the old Seat Toledo/VW Golf MkIII platform. Not bad, but aiming it against A4 and 3-series is just sick. Bricklin is a child.

  2. It´s actually not even the Golf Mk. III, but the Mk. II platform. Compact car technology of 1983(!) competing with premiums?!?
    Good Luck

  3. Chinese cars will start where japanese, korean both started, very very inexpensive. Then work their way up.

  4. Chery should be VERY wary. Bricklin’s only success was bringing Subaru to the US. However, Subaru had the backing of Fuji Heavy Industries and even then they weren’t a real success until AFTER Bricklin left.

    He then started his own car company, which promptly failed. He brought the Yugo, which promptly failed. He had tried electric cars and another Yugoslavian car company, all have failed. Chery would be wise to be very wary of Bricklin.

    The anonymous poster is correct that Chinese cars will start cheap and work their way up. Anyone that discounts Chinese manufacturers is making a mistake. My only point is that Chery is going to be in trouble if they stick with Bricklin.

  5. Yea, that’s my concern too fixitdude.

    In India, wages are slowly working their way up because India is a free market and a democracy. China, however, is forcing those wages to stay low. They also have working conditions that would be highly illegal in the US.

    I’m curious to see how long it is before India starts importing cars to the US. They’re behing China’s economic curve, but are rapidly catching up.

  6. TATA group has quietly become one of the biggest auto manufacturers in the world just by selling in india and a few neighboring countries. This year they are expanding the Europe. I suspect US imports shouldn’t be too far behind.

  7. The Dash of the chery econo-wagon (aka compact SUV)is beautiful. In spite of the fact that a center-of-dash speedo is always a big mistake — just ask NISSAN about their (otherwise excellent) minivan sales. I expect that quality will be at pre 1980 Honda and Toyota levels (aka pre 2000 Kia/Hyundai/GM/Ford levels)and not up to where everybody else will be in 2007.

  8. the interior LOOKS better than GM interiors today. BUt the looks arn’t everything. It either needs to be cheaper than anything else in the market, or provide a better value and features than comparably priced cars

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