Chinese Buick Lacrosse

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Yes. this is, so far, for the Chinese market only.
Don’t let the Lacrosse name fool you. This car is not related to our US model. It is smaller and the avaialble engines are a 2.4Liter and a 3.0 Liter V6.
But what is it based on?
It’s hard to tell isn’t it?

The closest thing to it seems to be the upcoming Saturn Aura, based on an Opel.
So I think this is actually an Opel based Chinese Buick.

And it looks like it would be a better fit to do battle against the Accord/Camry crowd over here, that the US Lacrosse…

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  1. why does gm and ford give its better products to overseas customers.and again this buick has a nicer interior from what i can see the cadillac cts, it doesnt look bloated, and over chromed like our lacrosse, and the interior is much nicer from what i can see, gm wouldnt get trashed so much if brought its good cars here. any better pics of the interior??

  2. AHHHH, i remember, those spy shots a while ago of what we thought was the zeta buick testing. This was that car. Its probably built off one of holdens platforms. The design is really pretty damn good. I wonder if its made in Australia or China. If they refined it it would definetly do well here with an agressive price.

  3. It is definitely not GM “Zeta” but is instead Daewoo based [on the new Daewoo platform that will replace the Suzuki Verona in the U.S.] So in addition to seeing it as the new ShanghaiGM Buick Lacrosse, we will see it as the new Chevrolet Epica in non-U.S. Chevrolet markets, and as the new Suzuki Verona in the U.S.

  4. Douchebag
    Maybe you should turn off the internet and focus on moving out of your mom’s house. You are 23 man! GET A LIFE!

  5. The saturn aura had the oil filler cap on the passenger side. This car has it on the driver side. They don’t usually switch that around on the same platform which makes me believe this a different platform from that car. I think it might still be the same platform as the US market lucerne. That different clothes. The old Buick century was also build in China for about 5 years.

  6. damn, this is way nicer than our american offerings. wtf is wrong with GM (and Ford for that matter) making better cars on better platforms overseas. .. Idiots! They are driving us directly to Honda/Toyota with their cheap sh*t here.

  7. Overall, I like this car a lot. Tweak the front end to look less like a Ford 500, and GM would have a winner for Buick (but only if our domestic Lacrappe got the axe).

    I also agree with several others who bemoan GM and Ford treating the U.S. market like a red-headed stepchild. C’mon, give us the good sh*t, too!

  8. Nice, looks Chinese! maybe GM will do better there, they can’t do worse here. It’s really just a scrap heap like the actual GM stock, JUNK bond status

  9. it looks a bit like a streamlined, hunkered down mercury montego. maybe it’s just the waterfall grille…

  10. If you like this, than GM is definitely NOT driving you to Toyota/Honda etc. Current Buick may no be as nice as this; but the ’07 Impala is –specially on the inside. And Honda is still doing all plastic econo-car interiors across the board. The ’08 Camery & Avalon are certainly HUGE improvements from their previous generations, but that still only puts them about even with GM in interior styling. And both Toyotas still have a long way to go on the exterior. I like this new GM a lot, but to say that a lack of something like this (in the US) is driving us to Toyota/Honda is absolutely ridiculous. The Japs have plenty of problems of their own (speaking as a guy who’s not afraid to switch from domestic to foreign, and back again). But STYLING is an area that GM, as a whole, still is ahead of everybody but Chrysler on — even if don’t think we’re getting their best efforts.

  11. GM Holden are designing two vehicles on the Zeta platform.
    In Australia these are the VE (Commodore) and the WM (Statesman luxury varient).
    The Statesman will be built in both Australia and China. Many of the components will be shipped from Australia with localisation in China to be done incrementally.

    Someone who has seen the Australian WM told me that this appeared to be the same car with different trim.

  12. Yes you are absolutely correct. This was the car in thecarconnection spy shots “2008 Buick Lausanne” from Feb of last year. They said it was supposed to the the RWD zeta car for the us but clearly from the position of the front tire, its a FWD car in those pics and these. See here.

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