Cool 1970’s

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The good old 70’s.
Back when GM had no shame about selling the same car under different brand.

Now that they are thinking of doing the same thing all over again, with the Cobalt/G5.
Let’s remember their other small coupe from the 70’s.

They sold it as the Chevrolet Monza, the Buick Skyhawk and the Pontiac Sunbird.
And it was actually a very nice design. It looked very much like the Opel Manta from the same decade.

The Chevy version came out in 1975 to replace the Vega. And was itself replaced by the Cavalier in 1981.
Then everything became square and boring….

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  1. That’s the kind of crap that’s largely responsible for GM’s current mess: POS cars spread across too many brands blurring any distinction among them.

    What’s amazing is that GM doesn’t seem to learn from its mistakes–like making bets on a videotape replay and losing repeatedly.

    GM needs new leadership–AND FAST!

  2. omg my old red 1975 monza, brought back memories thanks vince ! it had a small block v-8 hydra trans, and posi traction in it and hauled ass, could do roostertails on dirt roads for the quarter mile ! unfortuantly you had to raise the engine off the mounts to change the spark plugs in the damn thing !

  3. You know those don’t look too bad-fastback baby! 😀
    Why aren’t there any modern equivalents to cars like this and the Gremlin?
    Maybe cause they were ****?
    Yeah well, they’re different anyway 🙂

    (Hmm-talking with myself…)

  4. that’s what i’m talking about!
    back when these cars were better than anything else for the price

    and they are still better looking that any current japanese crap

  5. True, these cars did not look too bad for their day. (though look at those rear overhangs!) But their build quality was deplorable. And GM’s laughable decision to stuff a V8 in the thing because their rotary program didn’t pan out? leading to the absurd spark plug change situation listed above?
    These are just the type of cars that had people flocking to Japanese cars in the first place.

  6. ah yes, the good old ’70s. great-looking cars (for their time anyway)— and those bell-bottoms. lol.

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