Dodge Caliber SRT4

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What can I say: 300 hp from a 2.4 Liter Turbo engine.
That means amazing performance.
A surprising package form a US car maker. On paper at least, it looks like big competion for the Mitsubishi Evo and the Subaru WRC.
And the whole look isn’t overdone.

A very nice job…

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  1. This car already has a AWD option in the cheaper models so this one is obviously also AWD. I presume there will also be a Manual transmision? Suddenly this car just got a lot more interesting. Hopefully it will share some of the AWD with the EVO. Active center differential maybe.

  2. What is it with you guys and Toyota and RWD? any car which isnt one of the above is slated because it is not. There are loads of great powerful FWD cars like the Ford Focus RS and now ST, and Saab 9-5 Aero.

  3. If I could post a pic, it would be one of my jaw hitting the friggin floor. 300HP?!?! IN A DODGE COMPACT!?!?!

    WOW, I might actually be able to forget the cheap ass interior.

    One question though, does it still have a CVT? I would personally prefer a 6 speed for a car like this.

  4. 300hp is a lot to put in something billed as a neon replacement. That srt look is really sporty. This thing is going to fly off the lots.

  5. If they can keep the price low,Dodge wins my cash. The interior is cheap as hell,but 300hp in this is a threat to the EVOS and STi’s

  6. It will have 300HP + FWD + CVT, I’m sure…

    I hope not. The tranny for the Caliber is being sourced from Jatco, who makes the CVT for the Murano. My Murano only has 240HP and failed after 41K miles (fortunately, under warranty) I wonder how well it would hold up under 300HP.

    IMO, they would be much better off with a normal automatic.

  7. I guess I should add that the MO has had a rather high instance of CVT failures, especially with the AWD version. Jatco reportedly beefed up the transmission for the 06 Murano.

  8. is this pic a photochop… look at the foglight on the passenger side as compared to the driver’s- the perspective is all wrong too… Don’t jump the gun yet..

  9. photochop or not, you can expect it to have close to 300hp, in a not too peaky engine (as compared to a 300+hp from a 2.0L in the Evo). It should be a screaming bargain, in the mid-30s and probably a 0-60 time of about 4.5s

  10. Photoshop my ass!
    This looks like the real thing to me.

    You rednecks don’t know your ass from a whole in the ground.

  11. Press release just came out. Check AUTOBLOG. 300hp, FWD 6 mt confirmed. 0-60 in less than 6 seconds out of the box.

  12. They’re confirming it on now. 300HP is a go, but thus far it is only reported to be a FWD vehicle. Geez, people were bitchin’ about the Impala SS for torque steer, just think what it might be like on this little car.

    Come on DCX, you’ve got to have full time AWD on this one.

    Well, at least it won’t have a CVT.

  13. Leader of The Sheep said…

    the cvt is from Nissan’s bullet proof design

    The Jatco CVT is hardly bullet proof. I know that for a fact because one of the ball bearings from my Murano’s CVT made a nice hole in the side of the transmission case 🙂

  14. The only balls making a hole in your head are your boyfriends. The cvt from nissan is the most bullet proof transmission around. Put that in your pipe and smoke it….that is if your mouth is vacant!

  15. What do you mean by LOL, is it Lots of Love? and by the way, the spelling is a test. If you catch the mistakes, congratulations, you are at grade 3 level!

  16. This product is a good thing for everyone. First it encourages all automotive companies to produce higher horse power numbers, especially out of smaller lighter engines. Secondly it gives them reason to give us all wheel drive at the cheapest possible price. Lastly if not for products like this we would be stuck with 200hp front drive compacts or overweighted v8 iron cars for a very long time. Its a nessecary evolution for this industry, wether you like the car or not.

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