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I say ditch our US model.

Put a great interior in the Pontiac G6, and sell this Buick over here.
These 2 cars would be good enough to take on the Camry.
GM could do it, if they really want to….

And who would have thought that GM would end up selling better cars to the Chinese.

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  1. Maybe this will be the first car GM will import from china under a different name. Why did they design 2 cars to sell under the same name?


  2. Vince

    Post some pics side by side of the US lecrosse and the chinese car. I think that might be interesting.


  3. Car looks great and contoured, like a Mercedes pretty much, in this shot; the ones below look too Ford/Lincoln/Mercury-y (Five Hundred/Montego/Fusion/Milan/Zephyr).

  4. Guaranteed all the phonies pissing themselves with glee raining praise upon the Chinese Lacrosse would be tearing it apart if this were the American version of the Buick Lacrosse.

  5. Take a look at the Enclave posted below, this car has a similar headlight treatment. Hmmm, it would fit in nicely to the U.S. lineup.

  6. Its based on the LaCrosse. The Chinese didn’t think the US Lacrosse was good enough for their market, so they redesigned it.

  7. thats funny cause when the chineese said they hated the front of the ford taurus they put the sable front end on and sold it over there, how the hell can they say they dont like something and get what they want and we never in the usa get what we want ? go flipping figure.

  8. Damn. what’s wrong with American car makers??? for years, Ford refused to import some of the beautifully made European Ford models to the U.S. market. And, now it’s GM making beautiful cars for the China market??? Ahhhhhhh….

  9. This is not based on the US Lacrosse.
    It is a smaller car with a 2.4 Liter or 3.0 Liter engine.

    They are just using the same name for 2 different cars. Don’t be confused.

  10. Not necessarily. GM sold the Buick Regal with a 2.5 litre 4 cyl. I think it might still be the same platform just different sheet metal.

  11. Not necessarily. GM sold the Buick Regal with a 2.5 litre 4 cyl. I think it might still be the same platform just different sheet metal.

  12. what you fail to realize is this car WILL be comming to the United States under the name Buick Lausine. It will replace the park avenue

  13. Shanghai-GM has issued the following press release yesterday, 02/23:

    Shanghai General Motors (Shanghai GM) today introduced the newest member of its Buick lineup, the LaCrosse premium sedan. Using the LaCrosse architecture from North America, the vehicle has been engineered and developed specifically for the China market. It has an all-new body, exterior and interior, and unique engine lineup.

  14. I doubt this will be the US market Lausane. That car is supposed to be RWD Zeta based with a big V8 in the front. And what’s with Buick using the names of second rate Swiss cities. Are we going to get a Buick Berne, Geneva, Zurich?

  15. This is the Buick Lausanne. I can guarantee you that. how? well I do work for GM… So whoever it was that guessed it originally, you’re right

  16. I wonder what’s the price point for this car? is it gonna be around $32k to $40. In that case, I think it’s gonna have a tough time competing with BMW 3, Lexus ES & IS. It might steal some potential CTS buyers…

  17. To the GM employee above, shouldn’t you be working instead of posting at this site? From what I hear you guys have ALOT of work to do.

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