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These are the 1st official shots of the all new convertible Euro Focus.
Pretty much the same as the concept from last year. (except for the back )

Still, a very nice looking car we’ll never get.
And I thought the US was the world’s largest market for convertibles?

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  1. why don’t you try and quit whining you asshole

    a ford is a ford. that means you can get it over here if you want to.
    just ask your local dealer. they can sell you one right now.

    and what’s the matter with the regular stuff we do get over here?
    the focus (the good US one) is the best compact car on the market today, period.
    i bet you never even tried one.

  2. will you just shut up douchebag jones? stop annoying our friend Vince here and don’t be so piss off when somebody explains THEIR OPINION and you aren’t there to CHANGE IT!

  3. Dear Billy Ford,

    Why do you spend time and money to develop desireable European products and continually deny them to North America? You were able to sell Focus Mk1 there and here; why not continue with the success and sell Focus Mk2 (including the convertible)here as well?

    Instead, you give us a pointless redesign of the tired old Focus. I am sick of Ford playing catch-up in NA while Honda and Toyota continually come out with fresh and more competitive designs. If you had launched Focus Mk2 here in NA when it came out in Europe, it would have arrived to market before new Civic and well before next year’s Corolla.

    Now it’s catch-up time again. What’s your plan, Bill?

  4. the best compact car?!?!?!?!?! yeah, only after the mazda3, toyota corolla,honda civic, hyundai elantra,and kia spectra!!!

  5. I actually agree that the Focus is (was) a strong competitor for Corolla, Civic, etc. But that was in 2000, not today. 6 years later, as the competition has advanced, NA Ford has barely addressed Focus, instead busying itself with its trucks. As a result, current Focus lags behind Asian competitors.

    Wouldn’t it have been great for the company to introduce the 2nd generation model (the one currently sold in Europe) to have not only a solid compact entry, but a vehicle for many Focus devotees to move up to? Imagine two home runs in a row from Ford – we’d have sufficient evidence that the company truly understands what buyers look for in a small vehicle.

    Considering Ford did not choose to sell 2nd gen Focus here in NA, I get the feeling that the company barely cares about the compact car segment. It is insulting to its customers and to North Americans.

    I own a 2001 Focus which I love (despite reliability issues), but there is no way in hell I’d even consider the current bastardized version. I’d rather replace it with a Mazda3 or a Golf GTI. Yeah, I know that the Mazda has Focus chassis, but I’d still like to support a Ford-branded vehicle over a Japanese one.

  6. As long as we’re saying Ford sucks, lets not forget how much Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Ferrari and GM such too!

  7. The reason Ford doesn’t offer newer Focus models here, is that they’re too expensive. Europeans will pay top dollar for a small car and not enough Americans will. Untill Ford & GM can get labor, health care, and pension costs down to non-union (ie; Toyota/Honda) levels; you won’t see them building small premium “Made in America” small cars. They just plain cost to much, next to Hondas & Toyotas built with cheaper (non-union) labor.

  8. I totally agree that it all boils down to $$$. However, there are a few things I don’t understand, because I’m not an accountant for the Big 3:

    First, if Ford were able to sell the first Focus here and in Europe, then how come they can’t do the same with the second? Surely the NA Focus was de-contented compared with the Euro version, but at least we shared the basic design.

    Second, there is a big cost savings to develop one vehicle globally, as opposed to spending money on the separate NA-only Focus “redesign”. Shouldn’t a global design, such as the first Focus, recoup some profit?

    Third, what _would_ happen if Ford built a premium small car for NA and sold it at higher (e.g. Mazda3) prices? Would sales go down drastically because the cost was too high, or would the opposite happen – NA buyers recognize and purchase a desirable product? I’m wishing that U.S. automakers could sell a vehicle on desirability as opposed to selling on price alone.

    Ford could hedge its bet by selling the old Focus along side the new one for Hertz and those who simply want really cheap transportation.

    North Americans have been stereotyped as wanting a lot of car for a small price tag, regardless of quality. Maybe it’s worth investigating offering us a small car with a higher price and higher quality. BMW is successful with 3-Series and MINI and VW is successful with Jetta, so there is hope 🙂

  9. That’s just corporate BS!

    Lots of cars are sold both here and in Europe.
    And it work:
    Mazda3, Toyota Corolla ,VW Golf etc… And they are always more expensive in Europe. That’s the way it’s always been . Cars have always been more expensive in Europe.
    But most manufacturers do sell them.

    Ford is just not interested, that’s all.

  10. “Hey douchy, where are you, we’re sorry we miss our jerk, say something please!!!”

    if you miss me so much, why don’t you go visit my site. i do a lot of talking there.

    you might learn something kid.

  11. just ask your local dealer. they can sell you one right now.

    and what’s the matter with the regular stuff we do get over here?
    the focus (the good US one) is the best compact car on the market
    >here is the problem with douchfagbones he has no clue about cars at all ! you cannot !!! buy a europe ford over here at all !
    and our american focus is one of the worst cars ever built by ford with over 125 recalls and lousy reliability facts are facts douchefag !

  12. Dochbag the fag, Douch the touque, We don’t like you son, we have pitty for you, you have your own website? What the hell is it called!

  13. Us car makers DO offer a small car of high quality; BUT, due to UAW wages, healthcare, pensions, and America’s famously high cost of Mega-liability Lawsuits; The Cad CTS and Zepher are out of most peoples reach. And most folks will buy a non-union Toyota before paying more to get a UAW Cad or Lincoln.

  14. Ford, Bill, …..listen closely, Make 5 mainstream cars that are best in class, forget this stuff. Focus on the market.Spend your money wisely, Remember what I say, “There is no problem at a car company that cannot be fixed by good product”

  15. “There is no problem at a car company that cannot be fixed by good product” IF THAT WERE TRUE, DUSENBURG WOULD STILL BE IN BUSINESS!!!

  16. “There is no problem at a car company that cannot be fixed by good product” IF THAT WERE TRUE, DUSENBURG WOULD STILL BE IN BUSINESS!!!

  17. I think the European Focus would probably place the car too close to the Fusion for Ford’s comfort.

    It would mirror the situation at Mazda in which the 3 has probably eaten into Mazda6 sales.

    The last thing Ford needed was something to diminish its Fusion launch, and yet have nothing to compete in the lower end of the market.

    Conversely, how well would this Focus CC sell if its price range approches the Mustang convertible?

    It sucks for us, but I’m not sure I can disagree with Ford’s decision on this.

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