Ford Mustang Convertible test drive

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I finally got to drive a Mustang.
I must say it is one of my favorite current design.
The model I drove was a V6 Convertible. I didn’t get to drive a coupe yet. And I am not really interested in the V8.
I’m sure it’s great. And everyone and their brothers have tested it.
But most people still buy the V6 Automatic….

I really liked the interior the second I sat in.
It is a bit plasticky, but it has so much personality, that you just forgive a touch of hard plastic here and there.
And it is very well put together.

The shifter looks great. And the console has a simple clean look. The radio (optional MP3 6 disc changer) sounds great.

The aluminum finish on the dash is a must get option.

When I 1st started the engine I noticed it sounded a bit rough. That’s what I keep reading about the big 4.0 V6.
But it quickly got much quieter once the engine warmed up.
The top is easy to lower. Although you have to work 2 latches. (The new Beetle for exemple has only one) But they are much smoother than in the Sebring.

The visibility is fine.
But it does have this old fashion “big car small interior” feel…

Once under way, you notice a pretty loud exhaust noise. And after a while, it get pretty annoying.
Because it doesn’t sound good. It sounds like one of these fake sport car sound.
Is it to cover the rough engine noise?
I couldn’t tell because the exhaust was always louder than the engine. So everything I heard always came from behind me.
And after a while, it just grew really tired of the constant noise.

The ride is pretty firm, but that is expected. And the steering is great, so are the brakes.

But despite 200 hp, the engine didn’t feel that powerful. The car felt really heavy, and not that fast.
It would be OK, but the exhaust noise keeps reminding you that this is supposed to be a sports car. Well..

I also noticed quite a bit of shake over bumps. Not so much as in the PT Cruiser convertible. But much more than the new Beetle. And that usually doesn’t get better with age.

The car actually gave me mixed feelings. I love the way it looks, and drives.
But the cheap exhaust noise and the shaking would make me think twice if I wanted to get one.

But I wouldn’t advise anyone against it.
If the noise doesn’t bother you, and you get use to the small shakes. It could be your car.

And it does look great, inside and out.

One small note.
I wish they made the 17 inch GT wheels available on the V6 (without having to order the Pony package).
The V6 wheels look pretty cheap, and complicated to me.
You can get the dealer to do that, but they’ll charge whatever they want for it.
And that’s usually too much…

Conversation 15 comments

  1. And the steering is great, so are the breaks
    >is that like a lunch break or did you brake up a fight ? lol

  2. And you can get the dealer to install the 17 inch from the GT.
    I don’t know about the Borla exhaust, would that make it quiet ?

  3. wow twice in one week ole vince went to his blogger dashboard and corrected his slamming of the english vocabulary, very impressive vincy !

  4. Every time I look at those weird gear selectors they look unergonomic to me; is that thing really comfortable to grab hold of? (Even if for a second or two)

  5. I had no problem with the gear shift.
    You don’t use it that often with an automatic anyway.

    And I’d rather have something that looks original.

  6. Yeah, as I said-only used a second or two at a time-and it’s good to have something that looks different.
    I just think I’d prefer a more contoured one.

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