Ford S-Max and Galaxy

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Seems I was wrong in my previous S Max post.

There seem to be 2 models.
The S Max looks smaller and sportier, while the Galaxy is more square and seems a bit larger.
It looks like the S Max seats 5 while the Galaxy seats 7.

Could anyone confirm this?

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  1. they’re so very similar. I don’t really see why I’d get one over the other. The S Max looks 10 times better, but, if it only holds 5, then how is it any different than the D Max?

    One thing I don’t like about Europe is the “Space Van” idea and their niche vehicles. I don’t know why, say, the Gold 5-door, Gold Plus and the Gold-based Van exist together. They all are so similar, I don’t get it.

  2. The difference:

    The S-Max has two row seating. The Galaxy has three rows.

    That’s pretty much the biggest difference from an architectural standpoint.

  3. “One thing I don’t like about Europe is the “Space Van” idea and their niche vehicles. I don’t know why, say, the Gold 5-door, Gold Plus and the Gold-based Van exist together.”

    The simple answer is taxes. These vehicles have to be sold in 15 different countries each with its own vehicle tax code system. Some countries (and even cities) tax on the number of seats or the lengh of the car or the capacity of the engine or the fuel the vehicle runs on (gas vs diesel) or any combination of the above. Buyers in each market will choose each model based on their needs and the tax advantages. In some countries like norway the on the road VAT tax can be quaite substantial (more than 100% of the purchase price).

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    that’s whay is is so good to be american
    gas is cheap and streets are wide!

    get the biggest car you can

  5. The S-Max is a “crossover” between the next Mondeo and Galaxy. Kinda like the Golf, Golf Plus and Touran. The S-Max is designed to be a MPV with the dynamics of a car.

  6. Both the S-max and the Galaxy seat seven, but the Galaxy will actually have some cargo space behind the third row of seats.

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  11. Hi Vince,

    Research complete:

    The S-Max’s full title is “Ford Focus S-Max” and is based on the Focus platform. It has 5 seats.

    The Ford Galaxy is built on a larger platform. It has 7 seats.


  12. Don’t think you’re right about it being part of the Focus Family HJ. Pretty sure it’s not, if anything i thought it was part of the Mondeo family. The S-Max is far too big and luxurious to be part of the Focus family.

  13. American and Canadian Lifestyles are pretty close, yet the world like Canada better. What’s up with that. That’s what I’ve come to learn from my travels around the world, and yes I am American.

  14. HJ,
    I don’t think you are right about the S max.
    The current C-max is already based on the Focus and seats 5.

    I read somewhere that both the S-max and Galaxy are based on the next Mondeo platform.

  15. Vince / Andrew,

    You’re both right – sorry. I got the “S” and “C” Maxes mixed up. Hmmmm…. I have a friend that works in Ford. I’ll email him the pictures and see if he knows.


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