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Here is the best picture yet of the production version of the all new Ford S max.
The replacement for the aging European Ford Galaxy minivan.

I think this would make a great Mercury van.
With the Milan and this, it would be the beginning of an interesting line up. And maybe a Mustang based coupe later…

What do you think?

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  1. the glass area’s (greenhouse) scream mercedes a and b class to me, and that front end looks so like a catfish ! but this would be a great mazda 5 fighter for ford, oops ford wont fight itself cause it’s in bed with mazda…. so no good products for us in the great usa from ford. snikcer, ford the great american company that totally depends on mazda and volvo for good chassis designs. and cant give us a decent ranger, focus, crown vic, mini van, e150 van or town car. gee why is ford failing cant figure that out !!

  2. Seems almost everybody (except Ford) thinks this’d be great for Mercury… I’d like to see them build 2 sizes – one Milan-based (low and very car-like – a “whitespace” version of a stationwagon – so they don’t make ANOTHER Edge/MkX) and the other on their new B/C platform (just a bit bigger/roomier than the Mz5 and WITH the 3.5v6 available! vrooM vrooM vrooM).

  3. Forget Mercury, this would be great for Club Car! Imagine crusing the golf course in THIS air-conditioned beauty! It may be as ugly as a Prius, but what golf cart isn’t?

  4. Why even bother with Mercury? There hasn’t been much of anything worth looking at from Mercury since the ’30s and their lead sleds.

    As for this van? Nice. It looks suprisingly good for a one-box design. I’m liking the new Ford designs. Both Ford of Europe and the ‘Merican Ford look really good.

  5. I think a NEW Mercury couger based on the new Mustang would be very cool…something like the original upscale pony car of the 60’s….

  6. “Both Ford of Europe and the ‘Merican Ford look really good”
    I agree. There is a lot of Ford bashing going around
    But every thime I see a Fusion on the road, I am reminded of how really good it looks.
    Better that any other mid size car in the US, I think.

    And the Mustang does look great.
    So what if they use mazda stuff. At least they’re smart enough to do that.

  7. So what if they use mazda stuff. At least they’re smart enough to do that.
    smart ??? if they where smart with all there design talent, heritage, money and r&d crew they would have all there own designs being sent to mazda and volvo 2 very smaller company’s ! not visa versa so its hard for me to be impressed, by all this wonderfull great american ad campaign there forcing down american’s throats

  8. Dear Billy Ford,

    Why do you spend time and money to develop great European products and continually deny them to North America? You were able to sell the Focus there and here; why not continue with the success and sell Focus Mk2 here as well? Instead, you give us a pointless redesign of the tired old Focus. I am sick of Ford playing catch-up in NA while Honda and Toyota continually come out with fresh and more competitive designs. If you had launched Focus Mk2 here in NA when it came out in Europe, it would have arrived to market before new Civic. Now it’s catch-up time again. What’s your plan?

    In the same way, bring the Galaxy replacement here too. I know that you aren’t gonna sell the moldy Freestar/Monterrey twins here anymore. This new minivan looks fresh, and might be exactly what North Americans are looking for these days – a versatile and economical family ride that looks way cooler than a traditional minivan.

    Please deliver NA exciting and competitive products, such as the ones you have already designed for Europe, or else we will be forced to buy from the competition.

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