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First official pictures of the Galaxy replacement for Europe, the S Max.
The Galaxy name will survive in England..

And it looks exactly like something Mercury could use in the US.
An upscale, original alternative to the regular minivan.

They have all the good stuff. They just don’t want to sell it over here….

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  1. As I understand it Ford is also making a new Galaxy and the next Mondeo off the same platform. I think the galaxy will be taller and longer, but when the S-Max looks this good you have to wonder why they’d bother.

  2. its probably not sold in American because “Its too small” like most of the good stuff they sell in Europe.

    The S Max actually looks like a nice vehicle. I wouldn’t mind driving that if I had to. Way to go Ford!

  3. oh, and does that minivan has a side vent? WHAT THE HELL? I’m pretty sure nobody is going to be driving that thing so fast and hard that they will need all that extra air flow for their brakes.

  4. Arn’t they getting rid of the Freestar and adding the Fairlane here? I could be wrong… While it is no Max it would be a nice replacement I liked the concept from last year.

  5. nevermind the whole car being sold here but why cant ford make an interior like that for its american cars–just look at the european focus, the mondeo, and this there interiors in europe lightyears ahead of what they offer over here including the new products.

  6. Nice dash, overall a bit “boxy”, but if I were poor and 2′ shorter, I’d definitely consider it.

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