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The type R is supposed to be the ultimate Civic. One we never get….

I am not sure yet of what kind of engine goes into this. It might actually just be the 200hp from the Si. But I’m not sure.

What is interesting is to see the 2 door design.
There are still rumors out there that a version on the 2 door Euro Civic might come over here to replace the small Acura.

So, imagine this without the wings, skirts etc… And maybe you’re looking at the next RSX…

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  1. Hey Douchebag Jones, monte carlo again? Do you have something new?
    Your comments just show your ignorance.

    This car would be nice to drive, but what’s the point if we cannot get it.

  2. replace the small Arura.
    >is douche and vince the same person ? neither of them can spell worth a damn ! the small arura refresh my memory, never heard of it ? and if vince where smart he would just erase all of douchfags posts but never does, and hes erased 2 of my posts before,, go figure perhaps vince wants us to feel sorry for him ?

  3. this thing is much hotter than the monte carlo or any other gm/ford crap in the US market. gm/ford just wishes that they were honda right now.

  4. This is probably very close to what the actual Type-R will look like, however, this photo looks too “digital” to be real.

  5. well ill be dammned vince actually went to his blogger dashboard and corrected his spelling error of acura not arura, did it hurt vince ? only took what a whole minute ??????

  6. this midget cannot run next to a monte carlo, period.
    don’t tell me you kids are so brainwashed you actually prefer to drive a small, unreliable,poorly finished overpriced 4 banger over a nice american v8 car

    have you even driven a v8, ever?
    we’re talking over 300 pure american horses here.
    available all the time. not past 8000rpm

  7. Douchebag, where on earth did you come from? You are the most f*ckin retarded person I’ve ever known. You sound like my grandpa that thinks a HEAVY, OLD, PUSHROD V-8 is better than a RELIABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, QUICK, SWEET 4cyl. Tell me when was the last time GM has put out something truly innovative??? Ummm…maybe NEVER!!! You suck Douche!!!!

  8. this thing is hideous, and gaudy and this is supposed to look good? please! but what a good idea for acura to build its “prestige luxury” line continue to bring over cheap cars and making cheap cars into expensive ones. wow, this is totally better than any bmw(BIG TIME SARCASM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), AND JUDGING BY THE RIDGELINE(1. THE FACT THEY HAVE IT.) AND THE SALES OF IT HONDA WISHES THEY WERE GM. hondas are poor excuses for cars that are for people to afraid and to boring to buy anything else….try again

  9. I’d like it with normal side skirts, and without a SPOILER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE REAR GLASS! Other than that, its amazing. The real question is, why bother calling it a Type R, if it is going to have the Si’ K20 motor? The Type R is supposed to outperform the Si…

  10. this last comments sums up most buyers that would like this car ignorrant childish, and idiots, with nothing to say. lol grow up….and take this ugly toy car with you

  11. With those specifications its too close to the civic SI. Honda has learned not to do that, example: Prelude, Accord coupe Also the Integra.

  12. The 9:01 comment sums up the mind set of people who dont like Japanese products bitter, arrogant and intimidated by change. with nothing but insults and nothing useful to say. Grow up yourself… and take your pointless attitude with you. By the way these cars sell better than what you drive.

  13. The 9:57 comment sums up the mind set of people who dont like American Iron; bitter, arrogant, no sense of style and intimidated by change. Is this a real car?

  14. 2:36 Then where were you the last few years when your precious good’ol merician companies have been hemmoraging money like crazy. Your your useless comment wont help sell cars but does show your unfounded pride and lack of intelligence.

  15. Honda is gaining market share and making money. The Good’ol merican car companies are loosing money and market share at an alarming rate. Thats not opinion its a verifiable fact. Nothing said here by anyone is going to change that.

  16. I love the comments about the V8 Monte Carlo kicking every other car’s ass… especially since until 2006, there hadn’t been anything but a V6 available in the Monte Carlo since the late 1980s! And even now it’s still just a FWD midsize sedan in (bug-ugly) coupe skin.

  17. I love the comments about the V8 Monte Carlo kicking every other car’s ass, especially since there hasn’t been anything but a V6 available in the Monte Carlo since the mid-1980s! And even now, the new-for-2006 Monte Carlo V8 is still just a mediocre FWD family sedan in (bug-ugly) coupe guise!

  18. This Civic 3-door chop is hot.. but it looks too much like the existing 5-door to be real. I would guess any Si or Type R EuroCivic would use the 5-door body since it looks like a coupe anyway… and a 3-door version would be significantly different (otherwise why try so hard to hide the rear doors?) — I’m thinking CRX.

  19. If you take a wrasp and sand off the spoilers and areo parts, you begin to see what the next Honda Zest will look like. ( In this case it would be Lemon Zest)

  20. Maybe it is just the angles of the images, but the car looks to me like the European 5-door body style with the rear door shut lines retouched out. The body kit is too over the top for my tastes but a toned-down version of this would be welcome.

    Not as an Acura though. Acura needs to further differentiate its products from Honda’s and this is too obviously a Civic.

    Oh and I wouldn’t take Douchebag too seriously. His comments reek of non-conviction. He just likes to stir you guys up.

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