Honda Fit Hybrid?

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Honda has denied the rumor before.
But it’s back.

They might actually have a Fit Hybrid ready next year.
And it would sell for about $12 000, at least in Japan.

If it came to the US, it would be, by far, the cheapest hybrid available here.

I think it would be a great idea. A cheap, roomy, well made car that could get well over 50mpg.
What’s not to like?

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  1. burlapp, you liberal communist asshole.
    you must be out of your fucking mind!

    who in their right mind would ever buy crap like that?
    this is the us of a, in case you forgot. streets are wide and gas is cheap.
    do the math idiot.

  2. I sat in the Honda Fit at the Philly Auto Show last week. Definetly a nice little car. It is actually pretty versatile and roomy given its size. I prefer it to the Yaris and Versa. Plus, its a Honda

  3. dont get your hopes up for a 12k hybrid fit over here the base one stickers out here for more than that, and the batteries in a hybrid cost between 3k and 3500 bucks alone plus the cost of the intergrated motor assist, which probably means a 18 to 19k hybrid, and once again it would be to hard to recoup the price at all over a 5 year period of the gas savings you would get over a standard 4 banger fit

  4. It’s a nice replacement for the Stupid Insight!!! and is there a way to kick douchebag off of here?!?! heis an arrogant, conversative asshole?!?!? I want to meet him so i can kick his ass!

  5. The Fit is a great small car. It’s what made Honda big. Remember when they made affordable cars…the Civic hatchback back in the 80’s??? The Hybrid Fit is PERFECT for now due to gas prices. Oh…and Douchebag Jones: Bend over buddy, the Fit is a perfect fit right up yours!!!

  6. dochebag, no one appreciates your over patriot stupid comments. no offence, but our country is the world’s ‘asshole’ and it’s people like you who give out that appearance.

  7. I’m no fan of the Fit, but if they sold a hybrid version for under 15K, I’d be interested. That would make a nice commuter for me.

  8. I was in Canada at the Toronto auto show, and sat in Fit and Versa. The Versa is a far superior car with a better appointed interior, alot more interior volume, and stats show more horsepower and torque and an available CVT,WOW! PLUS….It’s a Nissan….only a Nissan is a Nissan!

  9. The Honda’s interior flexibility (magic seats) and superior ergonomics win out over the Versa and Yaris for me.

    An D-bag, if you are one of the people who thinks gas will stay at 2 bucks a gallon, you are in for a surprise. Did you not realize that prices jumped over a buck from 5-10 years ago? It’s not like farmers are growing more gas.

    Oh, and the explicatives are a nice touch to add to your red-neck-ness. I’m southern and voted for Bush, but I’m not near the idiot you are!

    **Note to bloggers/readers: Not all conservatives/republicans feel the same way as this IDIOT. Thank you, and God bless.

  10. Like I said,douchebag is a 12 yr old troll. Do you have a life?

    That’s great if there’s a hybrid version.The problem with the US Honda Fit might be the MSRP. If it’s above $14,000,the Mazda 3 wins.

  11. The Versa will swallow this tidbit honda whole. The Versa has, More Horsepower, More torque, Larger interior volume, longer wheelbase, sliding rear seats, available CVT, available 6-speed manual, Nissan styling, what more do you want? If you want LESS, you take a FIT, if you want more you proudly get a Versa! I don’t think anyone wants to take a FIT

  12. only one huge problem with the french styling of the versa, its one of the ugliest cars ever produced ! can you say aztec jr ?

  13. Q: Whats not to like? A: No style, No power, No safety. No comfort. …soooo why don’t we all ride Honda riding mowers; they get even better gas mileage! And they’re even cheaper!

  14. the Versa is more powerful, to overcome its heavier curbweight and size. I don’t like its swoopy rear lid. The 6-speed in the base hatch is a very nice touch for Nissan. The Fit is better to me, it gets crazy ass mileage, and it is disturbingly flexible and useful.

    “What’s not to like?” Personally, I’d MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH rather have a diesel car than a hybrid with its added weight, costs, complexity, and poor mileage (compared to 50+ in a diesel)

  15. add side marker and i’ll buy it, man japanese cars in amererrrica need side marker and folding mirrors.

  16. This car would be MUCH cheaper in Japan because it is missing all the US-Mandated safety equipment. Not that a few airbags and side door beams will save your life if you are hit by an F-150 or Dakota.

  17. French styling is worldclass, but to you uneducated, non-travelled simpletons, this is only a nissan, it is styled after the successful and classy murano. It is not sold as a renault anywhere. The final styling was done in your country—U S A that’s why it’s so pretty

  18. Is this the sister car to the Honda Zest, look up that Dud!, Anyway, this car will be decimated by the powerful Versa

  19. Honda, yes that’s what I want, a car from a company that makes lawnmowers!!! Hey, do they make sewing machines too? They must because that’s what they sound like when starting up.

  20. I drove a versa in europe. There it’s called the Tiida. Smooth ride, exquisite finishes, power and great fuel economy and the one we get here will have even more power!(over 120) Huge, I mean HUGE interior. Has more interior room than a Camry. I’m not kidding. 45 MPG,CVT, Memory Foam and oversized front seats, Bluetooth technology,7-speaker Rockford Fosgate Stereo, Mp3/WMA playback,coming this summer. Just wait, that FIT that Honda threw your way won’t even compare!

  21. Hey Schoichiro, it’ not too late, do you really want to call a car in N. America “FIT”. As in ” take a fit”, “have a fit”, “unfit”, “In a Fit”, whoa, who passed this Name. Hey, while we’re at it, I sat in one at a car show……Ya!….”Unfit”

  22. looks like it’s a great wall product. is it actually made in china??, I heard that about hondas. Toyota and vw are making some in Mexico!

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