Kia Cee’d (!!!) concept

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Another cool car with a stupid name…

This would be a crossover/wagon smaller than the new Sonata based Magentis. And it is said to come over to the US, eventually.
The concept has 19 inch wheels that won’t make it in the production version.

Here is the production version.
It still looks really nice. There is nothing really similar to it in the US.
It is a bit larger than the Toyota Matrix, but it’s not really an SUV.

Looks like iot could turn out really good.

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  1. the concept and production from these pics looks nothing alike, and the production car looks like that chinese chery crossover, that has been on several sites……

  2. Agree with the second post – “the concept and production from these pics looks nothing alike” – it’s really stupid to even bother with a ‘concept’ when the real thing is THAT different.

  3. HOW UNIQUE! Nobody else even makes a 5-door hatch, except for Mazda 3, Dodge Caliber, Toyota Matrix(aka Pontiac Vibe), Jeep Compass, and mabey 5-7 others. In 2 years the market has gone from being a non-existant niche –to being FLOODED! But what the hey, whats 1 more?

  4. Looks nothing like the Murano at all, lol.

    I’d say its one of the more original looking vehicles I’ve seen recently in today’s copycat auto market.

  5. That’s right Douchebag…The Koreans have consistantly been improving the quality of their cars for the past 10yrs. They are getting better and better. Proof that if you make a quality car that looks descent people will buy it. Poor GM when will they learn???

  6. Please, don’t respond to Douch in ANY way and he/ she/ it is gone. It’s up to All of us . He’ll die with no response

  7. Kia is about to have major quality problems and issues announced. I have a friend who is the sales Manager in North Bay, Ontario Canada at a Kia store and he is worried. This stuff is unsafe

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