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I thought I would just post them, because they “look nice”….

Am I the only one excited about this car?
I still think it looks great, and I can’t wait to see the production model. And the convertible….

Anyone here would actually get one?

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  1. I’d like to see it in person, it looks kinda cartoonish to me. I think i read somewhere that for this program to make money they need to sell 168,000 camaros. Is that possible??

    The car im really excited about is the challenger, that thing is just really slick.

  2. Just another “me too” design. It seems that since Ford did so well with the “retro-inspired” Mustang, DC and GM had to also do “retro inspired.” Now where’s the originality in that?

  3. Its bad on the outside, but with a really nice interior. But the outside, oh vey, it reminds me of an electric shaver with all its creases, cuts, scoops, and gills.

  4. There is alot of “me to” going around. Having said that Mustang sales were 200,000 in 05. They GM/Chrysler are just trying to imitate the formula, just like the toyota pickup is trying to imitate Ford/GM/Chrysler.

  5. Its a great looking car and I’d really love to have one, but no I won’t be lining up to get it. I need something big enough to occasionally haul lumber or two future kids.

  6. The celica is not dead, it was just transferred to scion to help fill in the line up. Kind of like how the LTD became the Crown Victoria to allow a smaller car to use that name.

  7. I’m not feeling it. I agree with going ‘retro’ but the designers over there at GM just plain SUCK! This car looks like its trying too hard to be a retro Camaro. Front grill is ugly, rear tail lights and it’s too long. Clean house at GM design and try again.

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