new Porsche 928?

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Seems like Porsche is now thinking of coming out with a sport/luxury coupe in a couple of years.
Similar to what the 928 was years ago.
The 928 looked great. A car that was ahead of its time.

The new coupe would be based on the new Panamera sedan.

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  1. the old 928. i remember that.
    my rich cousin from san francisco used to have one.
    that was back in the days when the krauts could still put together a decent car.

    the new one will be crap. with a terrible resale.

  2. if porsche where smart they would just build the old 928 like it was in the last year of its production, that nice front and awesome rear end, and nice greenhouse area was soooo sweet, excellent proportions all over that car from front to back, i say copy it complete on a newer platform ! hell why not the 911 has never changed since the 928 went outta production !

  3. Douchebag Jones….yeah, because Porsche are totally crap; they don’t build any good cars. Just look at how rubbish the 911 is. Infact the Germans build total rubbish all the time, the Chinese could whip their ass anyday. Chery or Porsche. Know what i’d rather have.

    Douchebag… you’re a complete idiot

  4. Its a copy of the original because A) its a photoshop and B) its a Porsche, so, it would probably look like that still

    I’m not impressed with the 928. It looked very 80s to me. Second, Porches should have the engine in some crazy location (rear, middle, rear-middle), not the front.

  5. first, im glad i saw all these ignorrants it backs up my thoughts on the people that post here. but anyway first porsche cars and suvs have very high resale values, second bmw has the highest overall resale value of any car company, and mini cooper has the highest resale value(kelly blue book data), so actually german cars have the highest resale value….., another point the 928 was never rear or mid it was a frot engine car, so much for knowing what your talking about, and to the person that insist on using explitives, grow up

  6. Porsche cars are not reliable. Ask an owner. To the previous post, try to use smaller words, they are mostly used in the wrong context.

  7. ..”porsche cars are not reliable ask an owner”.. I have two: an 1984 S2 and a 1990 GT. The 22 year old is still going strong: I just hit the 240 km/h mark in the german autobahn..The 16 year old GT is stronger.. We are talking about oldies running at that speed. Not reliable?!!

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