New Toyota Supra

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Just another illustration of what the next Supra may look like.

Seems like a few ideas a floating around.
Will it be a 2 seater sports car, like the Z.
A 2+2 like the G35 Coupe.
Or a convertible.

They might also offer 2 versions, like the Z.

What do you think?

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  1. another piece of crap

    why don’t you kids go to my site and see for yourself what it’s like to own real cars. american cars

    before that asshole burlapp deletes my posts

  2. Hey Assmaster Jones,

    Your website sucks donkey ballz. Why don’t you stop trolling on this site and get a life! Your POS website is a POS!

    Vince, I’m sure you’re getting a pretty good laugh outta all this nonesense, but I just wanted to let you know that your site still rocks, despite Mr. Jones flaming azz.

    This illustration of the Supra reminds me a bit of the Dodge Viper. Hopefully, Toyota can be more original…

  3. A BIG part of Toyotas success has been their ability to COPY. (As opposed to Honda, Mitsubishi, Suburu, Isuzu, Nissan, etc.) It will be interesting to see who they copy most on this one. Viper? Ferrari? In any event my gut feeling is this: Too little, too late.

  4. hey douchefagbones learn how to spell, your website is a total laugh ! and we really dont care about your friends cars or your stupid dumb ass mechanic that thinks dodge builds mercedes now !

  5. funny, first thing I thought when I saw it was S2000 or Saturn Sky.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a new Toyota sports car, but, I don’t see them selling many, and having a really hard time making a business case for it too.

  6. toyota= 10,954 for a yaris with air condition standard, thats cheap in my book compared to the kia rio, accent, versa, fit !!!

  7. I doubt it will ever make it to production as a Toyota. It will more than likely be a Lexus if and when they decide to build it. There is no market for this type of vehicle with Toyota customers. If you haven’t noticed Toyota has become the new Chevrolet of America. Something for everyone but still no Corvette.
    ; )

  8. Yaris will be virtually extinct once the Versa arrives
    >that is freaking hilarious ! you are quite clueless ! the versa is one of the uglist cars ever, well since the aztec went outta production ! and you see old toyotas all over the place here in so cal with over 200k on them , you cant find american economy cars with 250k on them, but i got 289k on my toyota and cant kill it and hmmmm no sludge problems here and still get an awesome 34 mpg !

  9. hmmmm, a toyota owner defending toyos, who would have thought?toyota owners pay overinflated prices and then defend their purchase…it’s human nature I guess! anyway, you should never go on record picking toyotas style over nissan style. that’s proposterous!!oh, by the way, not all toyotas have sludge problems, only about 75%. Yours may still be on the way. One more thing, and I know this may be alot for a small brain to handle but just Google Toyota sludge and enjoy!!!!

  10. I am humbled, I just googled this…and you should too. The largest safety recall EVER! Google – toyota hybrid recall

  11. thank you and I see, I REALLY see. Hey what happened to all the Toyo defenders, I guess they googled. See ya there mates!They are doing the honorable thing and they have been silenced. We will forgive your toyo ways now that you know the truth. Welcome to the real world, now that your out of that sheepy, brainwashed fog. Sorry. but we had to put you through all that but someone had to help you out!!!

  12. Toyota makes nice little products, I think my gardener rides one for mowing my yard and trimming my hedge or…is that a hondaaaa? Oh well, they are all the same. cute though!

  13. Yes, I know, so utilitarian, this iteration of the newest toyota looks like that new tinny little car from their sister company, the slstice.

  14. I’ve owned alot of toyota solara is the best running, smoothest transmission I have ever owned. 3 years later, 100,000 mi, just regular oil changes. According to consumer reports…an 8 year old toyota runs like a 3 year old ford, and a 2 year old volkswagon.

    You don’t sell millions of cars because they’re crapola. You don’t have repeat buyers because they hated their previous toyotas. American cars are getting better and better, and one day I may go back (mos def never ever buy a vw tho), until then…after all my previous cars, my solara is handsdown the best crafted, fit and finish, the the best ride, and sure as hell the lowest gotdamn maintenance costs I’ve ever had. Do you KNOW what it feels like when time after time you come out of the the dealer’s garage with GOOD news, instead of “oh, you need to pay 3,000 to blah blah blah.”

    I luv what you do for me toyotA

  15. I’m glad everyone’s drinkin thier hater-ade.

    Toyota IS the most precisely built vehicle on the planet. That’s not to say that Honda or Nissan build bad cars either though. And while all of you haters are tryin to slam boring old “Toyo” remember this. Consumer reports has been reviewing Toyotas for YEARS; and you know what they say? Same thing I always knew. Any money you spend on a car is a loss. But a Toyota (and most Hondas and a few Nissans, heck even Hyundais nowa days) are the least likely to screw you out of more money than thier origional sticker price in the long run – say ten years time.

    Everyone knows American cars are cheaper to fix, but the things that go out on them almost NEVER fail on the Asian marques (Like the transmission or the rest of the drivetrain, in the first five years). That said, if you don’t mind paying a little more, a BMW or Benz gives you a MUCH more compotent and complete car day in and day out. They just cost more for parts. I’m sure you guessed my car is German (If you buy one you’ll never want anything else… it’s live falling in love) but I’ll ALWAYS have respect for Toyota.

    PS. Toyota discontinued the Supra here in what 1997? And I’ve been hearing that a new one “will be out real soon” for over five years now. It’s sad, casuse Supra fans must be disillusioned after all these years of “It’s comming”. Whenever it does come though, probably in the next millinea, I’ll be glad to see it. I’ll never trade a Benz for one, but I might get one to keep my Benz SL company.

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