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That’s right.
The current Fit isn’t in the US yet, that we already see illustrations of what the next one might be like…

Nothing unexpected. The current one is about 5 years old, and a new one is due within 2 years.

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  1. The current Fit, that’s not even here yet is up on a mini site at Honda. If you look at the underside of the car on the 3D view, it looks as if the car has INDEPENDENT rear suspension instead of the torsion beam that the rest of the world gets. Would they change the rear suspension just for the US?

  2. I’m liking it. I think that the Fit is a return to Hondas roots, so to speak. The only thing I would change is the back. It needs more of a slope to the rear glass I think.

  3. Temple of VTEC confirms that the 3D underview has “re-colored” some details and it indeed has the soild rear…

  4. The fact that the Fit will get its full model change (FMC) with the next two years is the reason why USA/Canadian models are coming directly from Japan. This way, once the FMC occurs Honda can get the new model to the US market fairly quickly, with initial production coming from Japan and subsequent production coming from Honda’s North American assembly lines.

  5. This is not a picture of the next generation Fit. Just a photochop with most of the image taken from the current generation.

    No one has seen the next generation Fit/Jazz yet, and Honda has not released ANYTHING yet.

    Also, the US is NOT getting an independent rear suspension. It is the exact same torsion beam used in other markets.

  6. No, everything’s pretty much been confirmed for the Fit – the current model plus the airbags added on as standard.They can’t really change the rear suspension because there isn’t space with the ‘Magic Seats’ and the low floor.

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