One big Hyundai (Or not…)

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I’m not sure what to make of this weird picture. And why some of it was covered.
The “big” Hyundai has been seen testing for a while now, usually almost completely covered.

And rumors are it could be offered in the US for under $35 000 to start.
A good price for a luxury V8 sedan. Compare this to the luxury competition like the Acura TL or the Intinity M45, or even the M35.
But if you compare that to a loaded Chrysler 300M, it’s not that great anymore.
Even thought the Hyundai will target pure luxury over performance.

They’ve been making large cars for years, but this is the 1st time they are considering the US market.

Would you buy one?

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  1. would i buy one?
    are you out of your mind?

    these people can’t put their country together, let alone cars

    you seem to conveniently forget lincoln and cadillac, as usual, asshole

    even the zephyr would eat that thing up for lunch.

    i can say a loaded impala is more luxurious, reliable and better looking than this monster
    cheaper too. and american

    to each his own.
    if you want to look like liberace on a boy hunt, go get the hyundai

  2. first off is there any way we can filter these posts, it is horrible to see someone like this constantly posting and have to see this filth everytime u want to post….

  3. Would I buy one? Tough to say without seeing clearer pictures first, let alone confirmed specs. Would I consider one? Yes. I think this new Hyundai will compete well against the Lucerne and 300C moreso than the TL and Infiniti M (seems to be too high and out of this league considering the rumored specs). And Vince, you’re forgetting that the under 35K pricetag includes the 3.8L V6, not the 4.6L V8.

  4. if i had 35K to spend i’d opt for something else sportier BUT the overall styling on the hyundai looks very sharp. kind of like a sculpted and muscular cross between the RL, the 300C and a concept car (look at the squared off lines over the rear wheel well!). i’m sure the interior quality will be better than the 300 but not as good as a TL.

    heck, i already saw an azera the other day.

  5. Oi! Douchebag!

    1) Don’t call call Vince an “asshole”

    2) If you don’t like his website, go somewhere else.

    3) If you think his writing style or opinions are rubbish; I’d like to see you make a better website.

  6. OOOPS!!!!

    Thanks for the link guys…

    So this is an old recycled BMW 9 series illustration. And I remember seeing it too!


  7. there you go asshole.
    next time why don’t you check your stuff before posting bull shit on the internet..

    as for:
    “If you think his writing style or opinions are rubbish; I’d like to see you make a better website.”

    a decent idea
    i will put together a web site. better that this crap.
    for you to enjoy my life in modesto.
    you might learn a thing or two.

  8. Would I buy one?

    Well, since I don’t know what it loooks like or the specs, I don’t know if I would.

    Given a decently styled interior and exterior, good V8 performance in both power, economy (relative to V8’s of course), and smoothness, I think I would. I’d lilke to see AWD or RWD, but it will probably be FWD. Price would have to be good too.

    douchebag: Yes, there are no Lincolns or Cadillacs mentioned.

    The closest thing Lincoln has to this sort of thing is the Town Car, a dinosaur of a platform, its body on frame! It does have a V8 and RWD though. The Zephyr? In no way does that car fit in the segment. Its a V6 powered midsize. In my opinion, the Zephyr looks nice, but way overpriced at nearly $30K base. What do you get over a Fusion or Milan for a 25% increase in price? I’d rather have an AWD Milan for probably $5000 less than a Zephyr.

    Cadillac on the other hand does have some offerings that would compete well but aren’t mentioned, I’ll give you that.

  9. Douchebag:We CAN’T wait to see your site. In the mean time if you don’t like Vince’s blog:

    GTFO,thank you.

  10. The 9 series was supposed to be the “super BMW” above the 7 series.
    I’m not sure if that is still supposed to happen or not….

  11. It seems hard to believe anyone would spend $35k++ for a Hyundai; but I didn’t exactly run out to buy the first Acura Legend, or Lexus 450, either– so who knows?

  12. Yes, a high official in Hyundai industries committed suicide some time ago over a financial impropriety but he wasn’t associated with the automotive divisions.

    Yes, I would definitely condsider any Hyundai in any price range since I have educated my open mind about the high quality, high value vehicles they offer. Some who refuse to use facts over prejudice would never consider a Hyundai but they are the ones obsessed with image. I’m way past caring what labels are in my clothes, what stores I shop at or what brand vehicle I drive to prove my status. A good product at a fair price is the bottom line.
    Obviously some people refuse to believe that the Excel was 20 years ago and don’t want to forget its legacy. Then again that type of person probably also thinks the Confederacy will rise again.
    If you have to trash someone or something to somehow elevate yourself then your own self esteem must be pretty damn low to begin with.

    Vince, you’ve got a fantastic site. It’s my first visit each morning when I logon. I’m always amazed that you get these photos first in many cases. I also get a kick out of your insightful commentary and candid road tests.
    Too bad some posters have to trash what you do and say but ignore them. Haters and crazies have always been around and unfortunately the internet has opened their cages!

  13. The previous poster is a complete transparent. YOU, poor soul, work for hyundai, that’s why you are so brainwashed. ALL Hyundais and KIAS are unsafe , rusty, sludgy pieces of scrap metal.

  14. Suggestions for “Korean Cars are second rate”…
    1) learn how to write
    2) learn how to read
    3) learn how to reason using factual evidence over prejudice and ignorance
    4) learn how to refocus your anger, stupidity and fear into life-changing techniques to make yourself a useful human being.

    If all the above fails, then-

    5) go hunting with Dick Cheney

  15. Are you ever intelligent!!. You are a big Kia / Hyundai supporter and you are passing yourself off as intelligent??? Somehow, that just doesn’t corelate.

  16. A supporter of Korean cars intending to be a useful human being ?…and your worried that I have anger problems ? Listen, you simple,little person, Kias are unsafe as well as unreliable.That is a proven Fact! As well, a point of interest, I am a university professor with obviously much more to offer the world than a cheap, kia supporter. Did you know that in the dictionary when you look up cheapskate, they have a picture of some poor soul driving a Kia! By the way, Dick Cheney is a friend of mine, That must have taken all your brain power to squeeze out that already overused analagy. BRAVO! Good Luck, Grow up and enjoy your Kia. Oh….Wear your seatbelt, it may be your only chance !

  17. Both you hater buffoons just gotta know how hilarious you are! Especially the “university professor” who can’t spell ‘analogy’ and writes,
    “…and your worried…”
    instead of the proper “you’re”!
    Uhhhh, what university is that again?!

    IF Cheney is a friend of YOURS I’m more worried than ever about our security- LOL!!

  18. He the guy that is correcting the professor sounds like a dumbass, know it all, hated around the world, inbred American. Could that be??

  19. “He the guy that is correcting…”


    “the university you didn’t go to”
    -what are you, twelve?! Get the hell off the computer.

    This is better than watching “Larry the Cable Guy”!

    Yep, it’s a new world when the illiterate, uneducated, uninformed, ill-tempered and ill-mannered are taking over en masse. Sure works better to throw bombs and insults to make your point, doesn’t it?!

    Oh, and a BIG thanks for the “inbred American” comment. Says LOADS about who you are.

  20. Yes, you sounds like you are in control of your life. I am on this site for pure entertainment. I put out hooks and barbs to see what fat, living with their momma, 42 year olds I can rile up. I know this site is your life, sorry to burst your bubble, if I knew who you were, I would send you a case of Doritos and Coke to enjoy. Sorry, Americano, you are a loser!

  21. Hey that’s great…you troll a car enthusiast’s site just to cause trouble.
    Hey, here’s what’s fun too…strap a bomb to your belt and walk into a crowded restaurant then blow yourself up! A million laughs!

    Damned idiot. Go to hell.

  22. That’s exactly what I am talking about, thank you for following you sheep. As for the bomb comment, you need to seriously grow up. That comment is against all creation and all that is good.We are having good clean fun here, you need to leave and get some professional help. That asshole you see in the mirror every morning is you! You should be ashamed of yourself.

  23. You guys that allow you rhetoric to digress to name calling & swearing should get off this site and go to some political hate site where all Democrats are stupid losers and all Republicans are Greedy crooks and everybody else is irrelevent. Lets focus on the topic here: ( The topic is CARS not “Lets slander the guy who disagrees with me.”

  24. I apologize, Wow!…I am humbled…I just googled toyota sludge….Oh OH!!!! I did not think it possible, but there it is. I own a toyota, I think I’ll call my dealer in La Jolla and see if I’m affected

  25. Hey, try this….it will silence toyota sheep… Google toyota hybrid recall…. you will SHUT UP toyota sheep, it’s catching up to you…RUN!

  26. This board if fun as long as the posts are thoughtful remarks about the car. Then some troll interjects that someone or some company or some comment is #?^%$! and all hell breaks loose in a frenzy of insults.
    Next time someone throws a “bomb” into the middle of one of these threads we just have to ignore it as if it didn’t exist and immediately post something directly relevant -and civil in regard to the original subject.

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