Renault Altica concept

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I usually don’t care too much for “Crazy concept cars” that we’ll never see in the streets.
But this is an interesting take on the sporty 2 door wagon style.
(And that front end, or close to it, might end up on the next Laguna)

A much more interesting design than the new BMW Z4 Coupe…

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  1. WAY over done 😛
    but the 4 ‘facets’ in the front of hood seem to be crying out for a Lincoln star-logo 🙂

  2. Is this more of the same 350Z based luxo-sport coupe from Renault?

    Its cool until you get to the B-pillar. I like my wagons to be 5-door.

  3. i agree with the above comment, for whatever you just dislike german cars is the problem lol….., the z4 coupe is very nice looking, and interesting this thing looks like a space movie reject…

  4. Seems like everything not sold in the U.S. is beautiful or ‘interesting’. The front looks like a happy old lady.

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