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In the next few days, Saab will introduce this 2 seater concept powered by a 400 hp V6.

My question is why?
Seems like a good looking car. But if produced, it looks like a $40 000 car, at least.
Does Saab really need another slow selling model?

I though they were thinking of reviving the Sonett name with a 2 door coupe based on the Solstice/Sky platform?
That would make mode sense.

And by the way, don’t they need a few sedans that people would actually want to buy?

I’ll file this one in the “what the Hell are they thinking about” category…

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  1. You obviously do not understand much about Saab. People who buy Saabs love them, and they have a very high loyalty and retention rate from previous buyers. Both the 9-3 and 9-5 are very appealing cars, they just differ from the norm in the markets they compete in. They offer something that many manufacturers don’t offer- uniqueness and character. With the exceptions of their rebadges (the 9-2X happens to be an outstanding car regardless), their cars have found a quirky niche that buyers love.

  2. That’s exactly their problem,
    They don’t “differ from the norm” anymore.

    The 9-3 looks like any other Euro sedan in the market. A totally anonymous car.
    They need to do what Citroen did. Get some good and original designers in there. And people in charge who are not afraid to push the envelope and put out cars that look different.

    They are not the Saab they used to be.

  3. hey burlapp.
    i don’t think the great gm is waiting for your advice,asshole

    gm is whipping that outdated swedish brand in shape. it just takes time.

  4. well look what the tt did for audi, audi wasnt even that good of a brand before the tt, so it might not be a bad idea to introduce a halo car, or a sporty car that would pull in customers that wouldnt normally consider the brand. as long as isnt to exspensive. than following this introduce all new sedans, a new crossover, and i think the new line of viggen cars. from what ive heard not sure to be honest but saab is doing alot better, and actually do well.

  5. i think saab needs a cheap sports vehicle instead of a subaru or trailblazer/envoy/rainier/bravada. somewhere in the high teens to low twentys. kappa anyone?

  6. if u squint real hard u can see the 1982 corvette, and that front end is as wide as the current vette !

  7. Saab is dead. Too late to revive it now and GM can’t afford to diddle with this once good, but now loser brand.

  8. This car is merely a design exercise to show future styling direction for the Saab brand. So stop worrying about how they can sell this car..

  9. Is it me, or does anyone else notice the resemblance between this concept and the Camero Concept? The flat thin mirrors, the familliar front end, the over over all shape (minus the sharp edges from the Camero)… To me, it looks like they are already playing the “rebadging game” with their concepts before they have even been released. If that is truely the case, that would be so sad and I think that a rebaged Camero would kill the “unique-ness” of the supposally original Camero when it actually released.

    Just my 2 pennies.

    – Kern

  10. I actually owned a Saab. It was a 900 Turbo, 5 speed -hatchback. Comparing it against an Audi A3/ VW GTI, one sees how ahead of the time this car was. In its final year (1993), the SPG version had 185+ hp and about 200 ft-lbs of torque. The Audi/VW have 200 and 207 ft-lbs. The Saab was larger, more comfortable, enjoyed more storage capacity and was 400 pounds lighter. The Saab was built like a tank. I drove mine 275k miles.

    THEN GM took control. Call it ego at the top, ignorance, greed, poor compromising or lack of vision – GM has all but destroyed a car company in need of some minor re-tooling, but certainly not in need of bastardizing. I believe the 4 cylinder engine is still made in Trollhaden, Sweden and is as potent as ever. But every other element of the car was desecrated. Customer loyalty? Well, GM never contacted me to ask what I wanted in a future Saab; so I won’t ever ask them to take my hard-earned dollar.

  11. personally it hink douchebag will have a similar fate to the great GM.. in time it will go buh’bye. Hopefully douchebag’s exit will be more painful than GMs.

  12. To ALL it may concern (Including Douchebag)

    If this site has such stupid comments, such outdated pictures, etc. etc. why do you keep coming here ??

    I love this site and Vince has great views about the industry. Even if you don’t agree with him, it would just be smart to listen to someone else’s opinion. And we’re not talking about somebody that doesn’t know cars… we’re talking about somebody that spends hours every day making a car site that has all the latest updates!!

    I love this site and when I come here I don’t expect every information to be accurate. Hey, we’re talking about stuff that hasn’t been publically announced yet. This site is for adults or people smart enough to be open to other’s ideas.

    I would’n want this site to close because of a bunch of morons that want to show they know as much as vince.

    Thanks Vince for such a great site with good humour and always very recent information.

    Pontiac G6 owner.

  13. Now to answer to the question…

    I think saab should stick with it’s airplane heritage and propose different products that highlight its differences.

    Getting into a saab should blow your mind. You should wonder how it works and then be proud to be different driving it.

    Like what they used to do in the 50’s and 60’s with all sorts of gadgets in american cars.

    People used to buy saabs not because they were the best or because they were beautiful, but because they looked smart and refreshing.

  14. I think the camera-side mirrors and the wheel size is throwing everyone off on the scale of this. I think this is the sky/solstice platform. The camera angle makes the front appear much larger than it is as well.

  15. I don’t believe that this was ever intended to be a production vehicle, rather than a display of the company’s future design theme. If this concept (and this is still an unconfirmed picture) holds true for Saab, it doesn’t seem to try to hard to set itself apart. It’s a shame…

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