Saab Aero X Concept

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The Saabscene site has posted new pictures of the new Saab Concept.

From these angles, it does look much more original than previously thought.

It actually reminds me of the old Bertone Testudo concept.

Just like the Bertone car, the Aero X will stay a concept. I can’t imagine Saab putting out a car that amazing looking on the roads any time soon….

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  1. Reminds me bit of last year’s Saturn Curve concept. That one was rear drive on the Solstice/Sky platform. It is probably front drive, perhaps on a Chevy Cobalt platform, or maybe a Subaru!

  2. I know this is supposed to be a “design study” and all for the new direction of Saab, but, I don’t see much, if any connection, to the current Saabs, except for maybe the relative grill-shape. Its too out there.

    And its a bit too big for the Delta (Cobalt) platform, seeing as it is branded as Aston DB9-sized. It should be FWD, like all Saabs should be.

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