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Just a few more pictures of the new Australian version of the Camry.

And a rear view for those of you interested in that….

I still think it is a cleaner design than our new Camry. But.. what do I know….

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  1. “But.. what do I know….”

    that’s right burlapp. you don’t know shit about cars.
    my aunt marcy knows more about cars than you do, asshole.

    about that toyota crap.
    it doesn’t matter what the camry looks like. the american public has been brainwashed for too long about the so called toyota quality.
    take cars like the new malibu, the 300 or the 500. these cars have much higher quality than the camry could ever have.
    yet the sheeps would rather have their camrys.

    go figure

  2. Douchebag Jones…. u sir are one crazy asshole yaself… grow up… of ya hate Toyota so much dont post ya stupid comments…

  3. ^^Wow. LOL

    It probably looks cleaner than Camry but it looks more like a Buick. Australia doesn’t have Buicks so this is probably what they need.

  4. douchebag Jones = troll

    go away.

    I like this Camry. The front end styling makes more sense (to me) than the clip on the US Camry.

  5. Did he just say that the Malibu have better quality than the Camry?!?!?! If so, there goes his credibility!

  6. Im guessing alot of uz dont know how its gonna work in Australia.

    The Camry thats sold in the US. and everywhere else will be built here (Australia) BUT only in 4-cylinder form so there wont be a V6…. thats where this Aurion comes in… which will basically replace the V6 Camry and will target the Australian Commodore and Falcon in the LARGE car segment and the Camry 4 cylinder will be in the Medium Car segment with the Mazda 6 etc.

    And Aurion isnt our (Australia’s) Camry… and yes it it just a V6 US. Camry with a different front and rear and interior.

    Its meant to be like the US. Avalon… but i guess Toyota Australia decided not to use its larger size.

    The Aurion is replacing the Avalon in Australia… the previous Avalon here 2000 – 2005 model was basically a slightly re-styled version of the US. Avalon sold between 1994 and whenever it got replaced.

    So once again its not our Camry… we have the same Camry u have (comin in a few months)

  7. Yeah basically this is Toyota Australia’s Flagship Sedan,like the US. Avalon is Toyota US.’s Flagship sedan.

    Also with the ES being discontinued in Australia, now itll be able to gain alot of the features that would be found in the new ES350. SO the ES will no longer be the flagship FWD sedan.

  8. That car is downright ridiculous. It looks incredibly similar to a Volkswagen Passat in the front. If it were a Hyundai, you’d say that it was a copy of a Honda and it should never see the light of day…But because it is a Toyota, hooray hoorah.

  9. Nowa days Hyundai has become a respectable company with its own identity. It also deserves respect for its rigorous product testing. If it looked a little like a honda or any other car it wouldnt matter because its a quality product.

  10. then why copy a honda. Don’t use that word “quality” too loosely. it takes many years and Kia and it’s partner aren’t there yet

  11. Wow! very deep comments indeed. Douchebag, look up the word “quality” in your dictionary. That is if you even have one or know how to use one.

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