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They actually claim this gives us a good idea of what the upcoming Golf based SUV will look like.

In their words:
“It would be priced against the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V. VW said the Concept A should be regarded as an indicator of where the design is headed. The production model will be less coupe-like, but similar in design language and proportions.The front fascia and bold wheel arches are here to stay, but the production model will have a b-pillar for structural rigidity, and will have standard doors. “

So far, the spy pictures we’ve seen show us a very different car. A much more boring “higher Golf” looking SUV.
Let’s hope they can keep most of this cool design.
And if they really go against the RAV4 and the CRV, that also means a pretty good price.

I guess they would have to change the rear hatch design anyway, at least in the US.
The Euro Civic has the same problem where the hatch becomes the bumper. Imagine the cost of a small fender bender….

And please, resist the temptation. Do not use the current Golf/Jetta 1985 looking dash.

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  1. Funny that you mention the Euro Civic Vince…the dash of this VW seems to be inspired by the dash of the new Euro Civic.

  2. I kinda like the dash. Its better I’d say than the one in the MK V Golf/Jetta, which you said was very boring, Vince. I just wouldn’t keep that weird, fake carbon fiber/chicken wire dash material.

  3. The dash is great.

    I guess the roofline is going to be the biggest change to the production vehicle.

  4. Anonymous said…

    The spirit of AMERICAN MOTORS is BACK! … and this time they call themselves VW of America!


  5. “The spirit of AMERICAN MOTORS is BACK! … and this time they call themselves VW of America!”

    that’s an insult

    amc was great. produced and designed some of the best cars ever made.

    the hitler brand has only produced crap so far.
    and don’t believe them. that thing will look like a box by the time it is produced

  6. …I think I understand the “AMC” reference…Ramblers had cloth convertible roof like this car…and the “C” pillar likes like the old Ambassador coupe.

  7. When they say “priced against RAV4 and CR-V,” I wonder if they intend to bloat prices on this as they do most of their cars. C’mon, do you really see VW making this SUV for any less than $25,000? It’s like the Jetta. They price most of their models around $25k when it may be worth $21k, and people often buy them for the “premium” Euro brand.

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