2006 Morgan 4 Seater V6

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That’s right, 2006.
New this year is the availability of a V6 (3.0 from Ford) in the 4 seater Morgan.
And a new interior.
If you think it looks old fashion , it is just because this model is an evolution of the one that came out in 1936!

This car is the closest thing you’ll find if you want to feel like John Steed from the Avengers. (Steed’s car was actually a Bentley…)
And at around 40 000 Euros, it isn’t so bad for something that original…

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  1. i think this is one ugly car, i really like the interior, i would love to see a morgan aero 8 4 seater hard top,(those i like except the odd headlights) i wonder what a modern morgan would look like one intented to compete with other cars

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