2007 Acura RDX

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I must say, it doesn’t look futuristic or anything. But it does look upscale and very nice.
Seems like a sure hit for Acura.

We’ll “know everything there is to know” about it in a week or two…

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  1. You cut out part of the pictures, will actually showed 2 next generation Honda CR-Vs in addition to the RDX. I think it fits well in Acura’s line-up

  2. Seeing as the new CRV and RDX apparently share platforms, I would expect them to have somewhat similar styling.

    The RDX will be very interesting though, seeing as it’s Honda’s first turbo engine to be sold in North America, and the first ever Acura turbo.

  3. Interesting. Not nearly as uncomfortably jaunty and stunted looking as the concept. So far, so good… The first thing I thought of, though, looking at it was, “Hey, it’s a Euro Civic SUV!”

  4. Unfortunately, what we are witnessing here is the death of the SUV and a metamorphisis of the mini van to create yet another BLOATED guise “CROSSOVER” platform! These vehicles grow long in the tooth rapidly, cost less to manufacture than REAL SUV’s and are almost exciting as Mom’s 1st generation Honda Odyssey! Who said there is no market in the U.S. for an over priced compact mini van after all? Sayama Saitama.

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