2007 Aston Martin V8 Vantage

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In the story “Every Aston Martin model becomes a convertible”, the V8 Vantage is the next chapter.

Nothing unexpected, or really original here.
Even though this is a great looking car.

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  1. sure in europe they need to spend $150 000 for one of these to get a good looking car.
    guess what, we can have an even better looking car right here in america for less than $45000
    it is called the corvette.
    buy a legend for a 3rd of the price

  2. face it. american manufacturers are way behind the competition. they need to rely on europe and asia for most of their car parts (unless it’s some rediculous SUV/truck) or just people who buy brands. example: they ruined saab!

  3. The coupé is one of the nicest-looking cars around. Chopping the roof off seems unnecessary to me (though a lot of Californians will buy it and Ford will make a lot of money) and spoils it—did I mention that the coupé is one of the nicest-looking cars around?

  4. Jack Yan…I agree! Volvo is more Volvo-ish now than ever…and building cars that live up to it’s reputation.

    Poor Saab.

  5. @douchebag jones: I hope you mean “America” as a continent…not a country.

    Other thing: come on! be realistic, ypu CANNOT compare u.s. made cars with europeans. EU cars are A LOT better and look 1000+ times better than “yours” 😉

    Facts are facts

  6. True, Pastorshannon—and when they said they were shifting some Saab production to Rüsselheim, I thought that that was the end. Most of the R&D is done at Adam Opel AG these days anyway, and I think the Cadillac BLS is coming out of the Saab plant.
       Alejandro, I do feel the European cars’ quality is better, but as to styling, there are an awful lot of models the Americans get right. I know it’s easy to cite the Mustang, but as a piece of (exterior) design (leaving aside how horrible it is to drive, the build quality and how cheap the interior can be), compact cars like the Chrysler Sebring and Chevy Cobalt show Europe a thing or two. There’s not that much that’s clever about a VW Polo and the TGV-as-car approach of the Seat Léon, Toledo and Altea. Even the Fiat Croma seems same-again to me.

  7. ohhh dear!!! how wrong can you be! Desing? are you serious? u.s. designed cars are not the best you’ll see. Guess why there is almost no u.s. made cars in europe 😉

  8. So, Alejandro, you are saying the Volkswagen Polo is a good piece of design versus some of what Detroit turns out?
       I did not say the US turned out the best, but your comment was so generalized that it was inaccurate, and it was worth pointing out some very clear exceptions to it. The Europeans do not always get it right.
       Plus, when was the last time you saw a Fiat in the United States? Or a Peugeot? Your argument works both ways.

  9. Well, I don’t live in the U.S. (thank God!) so I can’t tell about how many EU cars you can see overthere so I guess you are right 🙂

    And I think I did genelize it. Sorry for that 🙂

    Anyway, somehow I don’t like those cars with some exceptions of course! hehe

  10. Thank you for understanding and for your words, Alejandro. May I ask what sort of cars are there in Peru? I can imagine Chevrolet (I know, not the same as the US models), Nissan and Volkswagen would have a big market share.

  11. Well, in Peru there is only u.s. made cars: Chevrolet, ford (can’t remember more), but there is almost none eu cars but the most known firms 😉 BWM, Audi, Mercedez, VW and Volvo (not only trucks 😛 ) and so on. Seat should be there, those are cheap ones 😉

  12. Interesting. I had expected more commonalities with Spanish-speaking countries to the south of you. This is very interesting, indeed. Thank you.

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