2007 BMW V5

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Or whatever they decide to call it.
It will be BMW’s answer to the Mercedes R class. But as you can see in this illustration, it might look much sportier than the R Class.
It will be based on the next X5, which itself is based on the 5 series.
So engines should be similar.

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  1. Ohhhhh it looks like a 2007 Mercedes GL on the side and a Buick Enclave concept on the front? Anyways why is BMW building this anyways?

  2. some articles i’ve read say that the v5 (the r class competitor)will be built in europe and the x6 (cayenne competitor) will be built in spartanburg. i guess we will find out soon enough.

  3. Alex…. it’s not even been released and ur saying it looks like a Buick Enclave, which it doesnt look like AT ALL. If it looks familiar think BMW 5 series… actually come to think of it it’s a direct copy of the camry…

  4. This is a very old illustration in that i saw in an issue of Automobile Magazine sometime around the Oct-Nov time period… I’m not sure if this source is correct given that so much time has passed since the publication of this picture, but I do appreciate the information you are passing along, Vince. It is very helpful to car fanatics like me.

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