2007 Honda CRV

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This is an actual picture of the rear body panels on the all new CRV. (top)

As you can see, it is pretty much the same as the illustraion I posted a while ago.(bottom)
The one that made some people say there was no way the CRV would ever look like that…

And I also noticed that, just like on the Euro Civic, the rear hatch seems to turn into the bumper.
I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Or even something that would pass US regulations…

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  1. hey I love your site…..
    I too would like to know (only if no one gets in trouble)….I cant wait to get this CRV.
    I have the original one (generation 1) and need to upgrade.

  2. hey I love your site…..
    I too would like to know (only if no one gets in trouble)….I cant wait to get this CRV.
    I have the original one (generation 1) and need to upgrade.

  3. Where do you Mr Anonymous get all of your info? You certainly post a lot and have multiple personalities…

  4. It will pass US safety standards because SUVs are trucks and are therefore not tested in a rear impact.

  5. With respect to the back hatch being the bumper, that’s true of any SUV with a spare tire hanging off the hatch and overriding its rear bumper.

    An SUV with an overhanging spare makes the hatch a bumper by default–a stupid design that’s costly to repair and also damages cars parked behind when the spare crushes the low hoods of newer cars.

    Nothing should overhang bumpers in any well-designed car. I hope the new Honda CRV is better than the Toyota RAV 4 in that respect. Too bad the new RAV 4 has an outside spare.

    Yeah, I know–an outside spare saves interior space, but it’s still a lousy design IMO.

  6. I think you can get a spare under the car in the Euro RAV4.
    That’s what it should be in the US as well…

  7. From the looks of the rear shape and where the license plate is placed (in the center), it looks like the spare tire will not be hung on the hatch.

  8. I mentioned that a while ago.
    The tire will be under the car, and it will have a proper hatch instead of a a swinging door

  9. The rear shot looks good, I think it will be a stylish little SUV.

    It’s got some tough competition with the Rav 4 and it’s available 269HP V6.

  10. Whew Doggie…that is one unattractive front end.

    Honda…great engineering…but where did all the designers go?

    I just checked out the new Civic too…while looking better on the outside…they really got weird on the interior. Ick.

    I’ve been wondering for quite some time how long Honda would continue to use black rub strips on their CR-V as styling elements. It just makes the whole vehicle look cheap.

    I guess one solution would be to distract with that ugly front end!

  11. Unfortunately the 2007 CR-V bares a haunting resemblance to the first generation Honda Oddysey/Isuzu Oasis Mini Vans!!! Vince, the Headlights and Front End are different on the final production model. Also the black plastic wheel well moldings and lower rocker panels are gone as are the wide black body side moldings! Honda wants to move the CR-V Upscale to appeal to older buyers, but it is almost as UGLY as a Subaru Tribeca in person!! East Liberty Ohio.

  12. Any word on whether or not they will keep the “open” floorplan. And leave out the huge center console but keep the nifty tray?

    Any word on gas mileage?

  13. I posted earlier they might pusjh the 2.4 Liter to 170hp, but no word on mileage or the flat floor…

  14. Dear Vince, first of all – thank you for digging out these pics/illustrations for all of us! I can’t wait for you to post more (yeah, we all know you’re going to become extremely famous one of these days)
    Any word on new CR-V’s ground clearance? Is it going to be full-time (or, as Honda says: real-time) all wheel drive? I hope they can come up with a more sophisticated interior, more of like Accord.
    Keep spoiling all of us with new pictures, Mr. Burlapp!

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  16. there is no friggin way that’s what the new CR-V is going to look like. For one, the new Acura RDX was just revealed in New York and the way the rear door meets the body is completely different. The RDX breaks Honda tradition with the rear door. Look at it and you will see how it blends with the body, it’s not seperate as in the past. Frankly, I like the old look better, but, whatever.

  17. Vince, I just saw a 2007 CR-V driving by in East Liberty, Ohio Monday afternoon,4-24! It’s smaller looking than the 2006 with a lower roof line, especially in the back! It looks like a Toyota Matrix/ Pontiac Vibe clone! The lower part of the tailgate is actually part of the rear bumper, as you stated earlier! Great for lower load in height but bad for rear end collisions! The front end and hood reminded me of the generation of the Honda Civic that had no front grill! The other noticable feature was a much larger windshield like that of a mini van! The rugged and sporty characteristics of the 2nd generation have completely vanished in this latest rendition! It looks more like a crossover wagon now, not an SUV! It probably will appeal more to families with children and women now! Let’s hope the 2008 redesign of the Element does’nt go south as well!!!

  18. Vince HELP!! I would appreciate your input on this one! First of all the new Acura RDX looks like a slightly larger Pontiac Vibe, a 4 year old design based on the current Toyota Corolla. It also has a resemblance to the 3rd generation Toyota RAV-4, but the RDX’s 240 horsepower turbo 4 doesn’t quite match the 269 horsepower of the RAV-4’s V6! The 2007 Honda CR-V looks like a slightly larger Toyota Matrix, a 4 year old design, and also has a strong resemblance to the 2nd generation Toyota RAV-4 which is now history! Both of these new offerings have completely missed the mark! At least the 2nd generation CR-V was much larger and slightly more powerful than the RAV-4, before this year. Why would a renowned, revered and reputable company like Honda waste all their time, expertise and resources just to play catch-up and emulate their rivalry competition, Toyota??? Honda hasn’t brought anything new to the table this time around except the Turbocharged 4 cylinder in the RDX. Honda’s U.S. offerings seem to have lost their trademark trend setting qualities of the past! The new CR-V should have been a completely innovative Japanese design like the Civic, one for other companies to follow! I am extremely disappointed in Honda’s new offerings!

  19. bad news boys i work for Honda here in the UK and that car is the new CR-V i know we just built a bunch of them today……..its hideous in a ssangyong rodius kinda way (if you dont know those cars check em out).
    i’ll stick with my civic dont get laughed at in that……..

  20. I got it from an inside source that this model will be built entirely in Ohio … not England, Canada and California.

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