2007 Hyundai Elantra

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I posted the interior shot before.
But I had never seen the other one.

It seems that the new Elantra might be at the new York auto show next month.
We’ll see….

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  1. Oh boy i bet everyone has got their panties all in a bunch waiting for this one. Seriously who cares?

  2. Those are still pre-production. Not final. The interior does look close to production. Will wait until NY Show to make final judgment.


  3. Well car analysts care becuz Hyundai is the fastest growing company and the Elantra is the best-selling vehicle.

  4. Seriously, you’ve got to be kidding “Who cares?” GM Ford and DC care. I guarantee it! It took Hyundai just 10 short years to go from having the WORST quality to leap frogging ALL DOMESTIC brands and now being pretty much up there as one of the best. Wake up America!!! If you build a better product, people will buy it.

  5. the new Elantra, with very little black masking,was seen during the last two months in Quebec City. It seems that Hyundai chose this region for the final tuning of their cars .

    Last winter, the Sonata and the yet-to-be-annouced Azera were quite commom in the back roads around the region

  6. I have a 2003 Elantra which I love, although the styling is a little undated. But so far with 45 000 kms, its quality and reliability its been incredible.

    I’m really looking forward for the new Elantra to come out because by then it might be time for me to trade up.

    Since the Elantra is one of Hyundai’s best sellers around the world, I’m expecting alot from the new one, especially since their new cars coming out have surpassed the expectations of both consumers and journalists.

    And to the first poster, I care and so do the 3.5 million people who by Hyundai every year worldwide.

  7. when you can get a focus for cheaper, why would anyone get this korean crap

    they should get their country together before they start selling cars
    what the hell?

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