2007 Land Rover LR2

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At least in the US, the Freelander might become the LR2.
Another stupid name…

But at least, it is larger, much more luxurious, and they are talking about using the new 3.2 Liter engine from the all new Volvo S80 (Which might also end up in the new Jaguar S Type)

This illustration seem really close to various spy shots I’ve seen around.
It doesn’t look as modern as some illustrators first predicted a couple of years ago.

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  1. oh yeah. i can see the pilot in the roofline. i see the freestyle in the taillights. but i kinda like the current freelander’s front end.

  2. I just love the way some people jump in with “It looks like a…” based on one (1) photoshopped illustration from a car magazine.

    There are no full pictures of the new Freelander anywhere on the web, apart from camouflaged shots taken during testing and this kind of artist’s impressions.

  3. i normally disagree with other things look like boring toyota and hondas, but this does look like a honda pilot, not a good idea they arent very nice looking they look like odd shaped minivans

  4. Yeh honda pilot are just ugly, this is much more attractive. As are all Range Rovers except the freelander.

  5. hopefully it’ll be actually A) more worthy of the premium price in terms of premium goods, and B)its good in the dirty stuff too, because, if its not, why the hell even bother calling it a Land Rover?

  6. the new escape will have this crap for lunch
    and for less money.with thicker body panels too
    nothing beats american steel

  7. from what ive seen at carconnection of the full spy shot of the new escape, the escape and land rover actually look just a like except the side vent. doesnt seem like a smart move for ford. i wonder if people would even buy a land rover that looks like an escape

  8. I’m sure this new freelander will be a success, especially if it’s going to share underpinnings with a Volvo. It will be hard to beat the stiff chasis of the current model though. Definitely stronger than anything American built.

    Would never buy an American car. Would like too, but everything is about cost cutting with those companies. They produce cheap garbage, unfortunately.

  9. Nice SUV..Here´s the backhttps://cochespias.net/foros/?action=dlattach%3Btopic%3D389.0%3Bid%3D3163%3Bimage

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