2007 Mercedes C class

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Just another, pretty realistic, illustration of what it might look like.
A very good looking car, but nothing breathtaking.

“Regular” mid sized cars are getting so good, I think Mercedes needs more striking designs to compete.
The $28 000 to $40 000 segment is crowded with great cars.
In the US we have the Acura TL, Lexus IS, and a new Infiniti G35 next year.
In Europe the next Renault Laguna and Ford Mondeo will even compete with the C class.

When the high quality isn’t there anymore, image will only go so far.

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  1. burlapp always forgets to mention the good us cars, like the cts and zephir.
    the zephir will eat that thing up!
    that is a fact

  2. ummm, cars don’t eat, and it being a fact doesn’t even make sense.

    Mercedes isn’t what it used to be. This thing looks fat, like Mk5 Jetta-fat

  3. I think you’re mistaken Vince. The Mondeo and Laguna will not outsell the C class in Europe. The BMW 3 series currently outsells the Mondeo and Vectra in the UK, and the traditional segment is declining raplidly. Everyone seems to buy a C class, Beemer or Audi instead of something in the Mondeos class. Although I’ve heard the next mondeo is to go up market, but i doubt this will be enough as ford can’t sell premium cars in the UK.

  4. i totally disagree why does mercedes need striking desighns to compete, they never have and seem doing pretty well. on top of that what other car in this class has a striking desighn none of them, i think mercedes has little to worry about if that old c class is still doing well in sales and it is. and it needs some work this new one should do very well. but oh well i guess when you just dont like a brand you say anything true or not, like the idiotic this looks like a camry, lol. or anything other than a camry and a bar soap looks like a camry for that matter.

  5. This somehow reminds me of what Volkswagen did to Jetta… and that is to make the car look more Japanese.

    What did they do with the CLS designers? I hope the real thing doesn’t look like this. At least the current C-class is a really ugly 8/10th scaled down model of the S-class.

    This new one just looks so blah.

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