2007 Mercedes C Class

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Also for the 1 st time. The front end of the new C class is showing.
And with the big arches around the wheels, it looks like, once again, the small Mercedes will adopt the S Class design.
A good thing.
I think the new S Class looks great.

And let’s hope the interior also improves from the current, rather plasticky and inexpensive looking, one.

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  1. the c class has a cheap looking interior, but ive never heard you anything bad about the g35’s interior that wouldnt fly in a camry, and doesnt look or feel any nicer than the altimas interior.,.i agree the c class doesnt have the nicest interior in the class just tired of reading negative comments about german luxury compacts, and only good things about japanese ones. thats like the tl and tsx interiors are just as nice as a honda accords so why the price difference….

  2. ” but ive never heard you anything bad about the g35’s interior”
    That’s right, I never said it was great.

    But at least they know it and upgraded it last year. Same with the Altima.
    Nothing was done with the C Class…

    I drove both Accord and TL, and the TL does have a better interior than the Accord. (But not the TSX)

    I recognize the quality of the E class interior is outstanding. And the new S class was more than impressing.
    I do not bash brands, or countries, I just say what I think, and sometimes what is obvious to most.

    The current C class never had an interior worthy of its price.

  3. yeah some upgrade it still looks cheap and totally unluxurious an accord or camry with leather look better on the inside than the g35, and the fact the altima and g35 interiors look like they are in the same class is horrible, while were on infiniti every infiniti interior looks cheap and magazines totally agree the m, q, fx, and horrible qx. in my opinion mercedes over priced, unreliable and what in the hell kind of car cost over $50,000 and uses vinyl seats. but again dont understand why the japanese brands shortcomings are never discussed here. like why does the m and g35 ride nothing like luxury cars but big sports cars, why are there interior plastics no better than the sentras, or acura and lexus hell bash everyone and every country not just the germans. tl, g35, and is are far from perfect and if they were the 3 series wouldnt be killing them in sales

  4. Gotta agree that the C’s interior is below par and the transmission—awful for the price. You needed a calendar to measure the time taken for the sequential gearbox to realize you had shifted up a gear!

  5. The S class has a modified Bangle trunk, did you notice. For all the grief this guy gets, everyone seems to copying his design.

  6. I miss the old-school Mercedes style, with (IE Brick-like). Thats why, dollar for dollar, I’d choose the 300C instead of a C-Class, price being equal, yeah, yeah, yeah, not in the same class…

  7. I agree with Anonymous about Bangle. Yes, the Merc rear is closer to the Maybach’s, but overall, the surfacing and the shape of boots and bonnets have become more Banglesque over the years. The C307 Focus’s bonnet—hood, I guess, to American readers—when viewed from the side looks to me like a Bangle one. Even if J Mays might deny it.

  8. ^ That’s not true. S-class is just using the Maybach rear, and if anything, their rearend resemble Hyundai XG300’s more, which came out earlier than the current 7-series.http://www.autowire.net/originalpics/hyundaixg300.jpghttp://eur.news1.yimg.com/eur.yimg.com/xp/beeb_cars/866702077.gifAnyway, in all honesty, the C class NEVER had a decent interior, ever. E-class also had a pretty lousy interior until the current one. But current E-class was introduced 2 year later than the current C-class.The current C-class is a victim of aggressive cost costing (in wrong places) that also plagued even their flagship W220 s-class sedan. But Mercedes probably learned from their mistakes and all their new vehicles beginning with the E-class have had very nice interior. I’m sure this C-class will look nice. They know they cannot afford to screw it up again, especially with watchdogs like us. lol

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