2007 Mitsubishi Outander

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This is the 1st official picture of the US version of the new Outlander.
We will get a new 3.0 V6, and standard Bluetooth. With an optional “Hard drive Navigation system” (I guess a DVD isn’t enough…)

It looks pretty nice, same as the one currently on sale in Japan.
But is it enough to turn Mitsubishi around in the US?
I don’t see many new Eclipses, and I hear their new Dodge based pick up truck isn’t selling well either….

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  1. Isn´t the Highlander a Toyota and that thing a Outlander? I guess that´s the thing codevelope with Peugeot…

  2. It looks kinda nice, I wonder what specs and consumption the 3.0l will have.

    Oh, and it’s Outlander, not Outander.

  3. i think this is every nice but yeah mitsubishi in a bad shape but i think it is unfair for people to put the weight of saving an entire brand with one vehicle its going to take a line of good vehicles and in my area i see alot of new eclipses but mags say thay are selling pretty good, i think in a few years they will be fine but need to focus on creating the best product that money will allow, and this outlander looks pretty good

  4. How can you (10:30 AM poster) say it is much better quality? This vehicle isn’t in the U.S. yet (are you in Europe, elsewhere?). If previous Mitsu’s are any judge, the quality won’t be nearly as good as Toyota. More on par with Chrysler.

  5. why do vehicles always grow in size? The last Outlander was essentially a wagon, more Subaru Forester than Toyota Highlander.

    I think it looks like gangly too.

  6. would you really buy a car made by the same company who made the zeros and attacked pearl harbor?

    anyone seen at a mitsubishi dealership should be deported

  7. we looked at the new outlander last november, when it was first introduced in japan (about a month before the new rav4). over here in japan (i’m not japanese; i just live & earn my pennies here) mitsubishi really have been working hard to claw their way back from the scandals of recent years (the new mondels are all pretty: the new ‘i’ mini car has recently launched too, & a smart new people carrier is coming- in the fall?) – but ultimately the trust has gone for many japanese car buyers & the knowledge of the scandals was what put us off.

    apart from hating the acres of cheap black plastic, & the amazingly crap seat fabric, there was much to like about this new outlander. i loved the flappy paddle cvt & rear passenger size & the 7 seats & the leg room & i really think it looks cool, & the driving position for a tall guy like me was all much better than the rav4. but…

    this is the company which was found to have hidden years & years (decades?) worth of unopened letters regarding safety complaints & evidence of serious defects in store rooms!

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