2007 Nissan Altima

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From that weird and distorted angle, it looks great!

But that is just an official “teaser” picture.
The car seems to follow the overall current design and adding a bit of muscle to it. And the rear looks more flowing in a fastback kind of way.
I am not sure how they can really improve on their engines. The standard 4 already has more power than the competition and sounds pretty nice.
The V6 is already one of the best engines around.
And a Hybrid is coming as well!

This car should be “the one to watch” in the mid sized market.

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  1. I know you weren’t happy that the US had to wait for the Golf V, but take some solace in the fact that you guys get hotter Nissans. Your Altima looks great, and this evolution will help Nissan’s sports sedan marketing theme. And your longer-wheelbase Maxima is a million times better looking than the Teana sold in many markets under various names (including Maxima in New Zealand and Australia). Lucky Yanks.

  2. I just hope that the 2007 will have addressed two glaring issues:
    1.) Interior trim – which was one of the weakest areas of this car.
    2.) Engine refinement of the V6.

    I’m looking forward to testing this vehichle and have high expectation it will be a good competitor with top two leading brands – Honda and Toyota.


  3. I rented an Altima on my last vacation, 5000 miles on it. That was one of the worst cars I have ever driven. Noisy, weird steering, uncomfortable seats etc Why do these cars sell well?

  4. I totally agree with Jac. I am pretty sure the interior will be nice. Nissan learned with the interior on the 02 and 03 altimas. Also, I agree the VQ35DE could use some refinement in the front wheel drive applications. I like how this car looks so far.. please Nissan don’t mess up the front end. No tooth please.

  5. i would advise anyone NOT to base their opinion of a car based on a rental experience. i encountered this problem when i received a chrysler 300 for a rental and came away very shocked and disappointed. then, because my local dealer had one 2005 left in stock and offered to take off nearly $4,000 if i would buy it, i did and i am delighted with it. maybe the altima you rented had some kind of defect because im convinced that the first 300 i drove did. i hear that a lot of altima owners are very happy.

  6. well, if the new sentra’s interior is any indication, the altima’s seems like it’ll be nice. i was actually quite surprisd with the design and the features of the 2007 sentra’s interior.

  7. nissan has won Ward’s best engine award for their v-6 13 years in a row. Wards also went as far as stating that Nissan’s v-6 is the best v-6 the automotive industry has ever seen. This car has been driven already by Nissan dealers. It has Infiniti level interiors. We drove it back to back with new camry. The Camry is really and truely NOT even close. This car is Nissan’s the first assault on Toyota. Nissan , under Carlos, will beat Toyota at the game.You will see

  8. It’s good to know someone here has already seen the car.

    I thought the new Camry was a very nice car. More refined than the current Altima.
    But I drove the Maxima and thought the V6 was one of the best engine at any price.
    If the new Altima has a better steering, a more solid feel, with the V6 it should be an amazing car for the price.

  9. The Altima was always a nice looking car (far better looking than it’s dowdy Japanese cousins, the Accord and Camry) with good mechaanicals, but saddled with a low ball interior. Hopefully Nissan rectifies the 2007 Altima’s weak points without messing up it’s strong points. Even more so, I hope they don’t make it resemble the ghastly Maxima too much. Along with the NY intro of Saturn’s stunning new Aura, the midsize market should get interesting.

  10. rest assured, nissan has rectified the inyerior. when inside, you are 100% certain that you are sitting in an infiniti M. Power will be incredibly smooth. nissan is coating engine components in molybdenum. also, they have polished cams like race cars. all this is expensive but nissan, unlike toyota and honda have an engine reputation to uphold.

  11. Those assholes at toyota are at it again. they think you are all sheep and you WILL do what they tell you to do. Get this, these asswipes are going to build the new camry at a subaru plant. TRUE. it’s a new deal they made with GM. Like I said before, and you will eventually find out, Toyota = General Motors (GM),it’s the same company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. N Spyking, do you have anything on the hybrid?
    When is it coming out.
    And actually, when is the regular Altima coming out?
    Soon after the introduction or after the summer like a regular 2007?

  13. Wow, this board just keeps getting worse and worse with the comments.

    I think the tail lights are similar in shape to the Scion tC, or the Pontiac G6. The overall rear end also somewhat resembles the Mitsubishi Eclipse.

    As for improving the car, among the interior and refinement, it wouldn’t hurt to improve the fuel economy. The Camry, in both I4 and V6 form beats the Altima’s fuel economy.

    And yes the VQ is a good engine, but so is Toyota’s GR. The new Camry’s V6 gets better economy, has more power, and is more refined than the current Altima.

    The current Altima people bought mainly for styling and performance, but if they don’t improve the quality of the car, among other things, then Nissan’s reputation will catch up to them.

    Ghosn may have saved Nissan from bankruptcy, but he did it by making many sacrifices at Nissan, and Ghosn continues to make lots of sacrifices and stupid moves all in the name of “profit”.

    Oh, and Nissan spyking, what engine reputation are you referring to? Having an engine with good performance at the cost of fuel economy and refinement? Honda and Toyota can make an engine that doesn’t have to make those sacrifices.

    And if Nissan is so much better than Toyota or Honda in the engine department, and if Ghosn has shunned hybrids, tell me Spyking, why is Nissan going to be using a *Toyota* hybrid system in the new Altima?

  14. the only thing getting worse and worse are the dickweeds that support toyota like they have never had issues…..like the quarter million prius recalled for stopping dead at highway speeeds, or the more than double recalls at toyota for 2005 vs. 2004. or the major engine sludge problem that mysteriously only affected toyota?? NOW, toyota should really worry about their reputation. The altima has a solid reputation so what, in the first year, the interior needed some refinement. It will kick the GM of Japan toyotas arse!!!

  15. ^

    Hmm, are you Nissan Skyking in disguise?

    Engine sludge can affect any engines, and is certainly not unique to Toyota. Honda engines have been known to be affected by engine sludge, as well as Nissan, GM. etc

  16. tell me, you sludgy bast#$d, show me one article that affects honda or nissan with engine sludge. no company has ever experienced sludge on toyotas level. at least your not as sheepish as your fellow homo toyota lovers, you are admitting to sludge problems at least.congratulations!!!!

  17. I don’t think toyota can make a better V6 than nissan, if so, why couldn’t toyota get best engine award for 13 years like someone said. I never heard toyota use molybdenum coats, micropolished parts etc..

    It is natural that a higher performance engine uses more fuel.
    If you wanted economy go drive a diesel.

  18. I find it funny that the blog owner continues to approve all these “sludge” comments.

    How about actually staying on topic and stop hijack threads with all your Toyota engine sludge BS?

  19. With regards to Toyota’s V6 engines, does it really matter whether or not they won an award from Ward’s? A lot of impressive engines have never gotten an award from Ward’s.

    Besides, this year Toyota did win, and the 3.5L V6 from the Lexus IS350 was said by none other than Wards to be the new standard for V6 engines in performance, efficiency, and refinement. How about that.

    A high performance engine does not necessarily imply low fuel economy. It is a sign of superior engineering when a company can make a high performance engine with good fuel economy as well.

    The 306HP IS350 is rated at 21/28 EPA mileage, which is better than the G35 or Nissan 350Z with their VQ engines. So it’s more powerful and more fuel efficient. There’s also low emissions and refinement that the Toyota has, which the Nissan engine lacks.

    Or how about the new Camry V6 or new Toyota Avalon .. both have a 268HP V6, and both get better fuel economy than a V6 Altima or V6 Maxima.

    Just because Nissan can’t make a V6 with high performance *and* good fuel economy, doesn’t mean other companies can’t. Get over it.

  20. I can only tell from my experience.
    I drove the Maxima last year. (see my test drive) and was more than impress with the engine (not so much with the rest of the car…)
    Amazing how smooth an engine can be.

    Last week, I drove a Solara with the 3.3 V6.
    Again I was amazed at how smooth it was. It felt just a little slow for 220, but really had plenty of power for most people.
    Engines that smooth , quiet and refined were, just a few years ago, only available is very expensive cars.
    You can now get these for well under $25 000 , and that is amazing.
    The Solara was actually one of the most refined car I have ever driven.

  21. It’s all relevant you dumb cu^&s. This is an automotive thread. Vince can’t leave out toyota comments, he’s not paid off by toyota to hide them. Facts are facts and not only what you say or think is relevant. Google search toyota engine sludge and see what you get. Also, Google toyota overstates horsepower and see what you get. There is published proof that toyota has lied very recently about horsepower. They simply can’t compete with nissan and as soon as you die hards get embarassed enough about toyotas slipups, there will be no-one to defend the GM of Japan. Hey would you want a Camry built at a Subaru plant?? I wouldn’t !!! that’s a fact. Eat it and weep toyota sheep!

  22. ^ Just like GM, Honda, and Nissan “lied” about HP too?

    I’m still waiting for Nissan to retest the supposed “300HP” G35 under the new SAE system.

  23. you better wait a long time dickweed because nissan was not asked to retest….you see, they don’t have a history of lying like toyota does. did you know that toy had to restate a horsepower rating to over 20 HP. less than their original lie!!! YA 20! What a sweet company. they seem to suit your personality well!

  24. I test drove a 2005 Altima SE-R and loved the way it handled, accellerated, and shifted (6 speed manual). The only problem was terrible torque steer and mediocre fuel economy.

    I also test drove the 2007 Camry V6, which does not look nearly as nice. The camry offers similar performance, much better gas mileage, almost no torque steer, and is $5,000 less (sticker price). The new Toyota engine is very good and the hybrid should sell very well the next gas prices skyrocket.

    If Nissan can upgrade the refinement and gas mileage of for v6 for 2007 and somehow solve the awful torque steer problem, I might be interested, but Camry and now Saturn are offering much better alternatives then in the past.

  25. I bought 2007 Altima 3.5SE last week to replace my 2002 3.5SE. It is indeed a better car. I could not notice any torque-steer which I did feel a lot in my old car. CVT transmission is awesome! Also they have this thing about “packages” so that if you want one thing you HAVE to buy whole bunch of other stuff that goes bundled up in a package. I wanted Navigation – so I ended up buying the “Technology Package” and got stuck with leather seats. So, I cannot tell you about the quality of the cloth interior, but the leather model is miles ahead of my old car. Armrests are soft! Even the dashboard plastic is soft. It also has a color rear-view camera that automatically turns on when you put the car in reverse. It has a blue-tooth thingy that integrates with my phone, so I no loger have to wear this stupid ear piece with blue blinker. It has voice activated phone dialing and navigation and if you get XM Nav Traffic – it will show you traffic jams on your map. It also has a 270hp engine – more than 265hp for Maxima and delivers more torque and smaller curb weight.
    It has 6-speed manual mode for CVT transmission that is great for engine breaking and in some rare conditions, but Auto does just fine. Oh – it has (finally!) rear vens for the passengers on the back seat. And a disappointment – the tires, although V-rated, have Treadwear of 260 – which means they will be bold in about 2 years or so. Oh – almost forgot: it has a display on the instrument panel that shows you different things. Among them is a current fuel economy display – so you can see what happens when you accelerate and when you ride gently – similar to what Prius has. After watching this thing for a while I am starting to drive like an old lady…

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