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If you think adding the 3 chrome bars to the old Focus is pathetic, well…
You might be right.

But Ford is in a tough position. The Euro Focus, if sold here, would almost be the same price as the Fusion. ( The Mazda 3 can be pretty costly)
And the Fiesta could be closer in price, but is a smaller car. And the US market prefers sedans anyway.

What can they do?

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  1. The fusion is about $3000 less than a mazda 6…. So I figure some pricing down could be done on the ford version of the mazda 3…

    Since the engineering has already been paid, it’s pretty cheap to bring it over here. They just need to increase the production in europe or adapt the factory in the USA.

  2. The only reason to consider a U.S. Focus it if it’s cheap–pricing is all that matters in this case.

    For quality in a small car, the Honda Civic is clearly the best. The Mazda 3 is also excellent as is the Toyota Corolla.

    Ignore Ford unless you want a truck. The Fusion/Milan/Zephyr cars make little sense because if you want a car built on a Mazda platform, it’s best to buy the Mazda anyway.

  3. Welcome to the ways of the big 3. Douchebag will love the new grille and he’ll think it’s a complete redesign.

  4. The Euro focus might be too costy if sold over in the States (though i doubt it if they would build it in Mexico, like the old one, as the “new” focus is no more expensive than the old one in Europe), but at least an all new sheet metal, come on.

    Anyway, i think it´s a short sighted strategy. Some car makers have learned to sell their entry level cars with a very small win; they might not be the cash cows, but if a customer is happy with the Focus (Civic, Echo/Corolla), he´ll switch most likely to a more expensive model of the same brand as well. But with that Focus, many people will go to the competition if looking for an entry level car and stick with the brand, which most likely will be japanese or korean….

    Not too wise, at least in my eyes.

  5. Well I guess Ford’s stuck in a hole now. It’s too bad that it keep redesigning the Focus until it lagged in ratings and the price of the European Focus would be pricey because of its C1 platform. There are rumors that Ford will not redesign the Focus until 2009. Until then why not unveil something fun to North Americans like the Ford Ka or maybe the Fiesta would work but would the buyers turn to a three door and five door hatchback? Sorry Ford can’t help here.

  6. Do what GM is doing for Saturn, build Opels here in the states. That way it wont cost to import the euro cars here.

  7. i think this is horrible, do american car companies hate america? why do they focus so much attention on foreign markets, we get crap over here and they get whatever they want. this is an example sure the focus would cost more but the mazda 3 starts at 15,000 how much more could the focus be if not cheaper. the current focus bases at 14,000, and the fusion at 18,000 i dont see why anyone would have a problem with the price of the new focus……

  8. If they just used the styling of the European Focus it would sell like hotcakes, its one beautiful car.

  9. Whats the problem. MSRP on a stripped Focus is $13,999. On a Fusion is is $17,795. On the Mazda 3 its $15,150. All prices are without rebates. So whats the problem in building the Euro Focus in the states and selling it for about the same price as the Mazda 3, which retails for only a grand more. You’re still $2,500 under the MSRP of a Fusion. Wouldn’t Ford need less rebates to sell a car as damn good as the Euro Focus?

    Also, why not make it cost less? There are nearly $0 in development costs. They just need to upgrade the plant. Ford says it costs too much but I bet Saturn is going to make a killing selling the ION version of the Astra, which will be built at Saturn’s original plant.

    Ford should also get off their butts and offer the next gen Fiesta, which will already be built in Mexico.

  10. the focus is stil a pretty well-regarded car. the main thing is that it’s just OLD! a sheetmetal redesign (is theinterior going to be changed as well?) should give ford a couple more years to release something good. after that, the focus seems like it’ll end up like the windstar/freestar: an aged has-been forgotten by the public.

    besides the bronco-rumors, what’s ford’s entry into the new mini-box (scion, honda fit, nissan versa, dodge hornet) segment??? like others have said, the ka or fiesta would be great just as a placeholder!

  11. look at you cry babies
    kids who only know cars from their mom’s back seat.
    quit whining!

    here is the truth:
    the focus will be doing great with the new front end.
    it’ll still be the best small car available in the us (with the cobalt)
    then they’ll replace both the us and european models by the al new one for the 2009 model year
    they are working on that car right now, making sure they can build it in the us too.

    listen to mr.jones you might learn something

  12. Meanwhile, the elusive 2009 redesign you speak about is still far enough off for Ford to suffer big image problems with this POS until then. People, and the media, will then associate ford small cars as being crappy, old and dingy. You gotta compare this to the competition. Pretty much no other brand (except for GM) will leave a car like that on the market for so long. It just looks bad.


  14. As long as the rental car companies still buy it ford doesn’t care. Besides why would anyone buy a Focus when they can get the C1 based Mazda3 or Civic.

    Douchebag, you are a pathetic excuse for a human being. Get a job.

  15. i think this car is totally rediculous because how old it is aside i dont see how a car desighn with that edge concept will look with a front end that was desighned for cars that dont it will look ackward. but gm and ford arent the only ones that would leave a car on the market for this long (6 years), the s class is just getting redesighned, the g class has looked the same since the 70’s, the s2000 has been on the market since 2001, the last generation 3 series came to market in 99 and wasnt redesighned till 2006. the c class was redesigned in 2001 and wont be redesigned until 2008. so its not just the american companies its many car brands, and that list i have is only a few of them…………

  16. I say C307 should have been built in the States from day one. It’s not as though Ford didn’t know about Honda’s and Toyota’s model cycles and how far behind C170 would be. And the whole truck and SUV backlash was looming even seven years ago.
       I agree with Anonymous above on the length of some car model runs, but bear in mind those Euro-brands have a nice, settled niche so their cars aren’t as subject to fashion (with now, the exception of BMW). Ford made C170 a little too late 1990s, plus this compact sector is heavily influenced by fads.

  17. All these comment based upon that picture and no further details! Sounds like no matter what Ford does some people will NEVER have an open mind.

  18. That’s because the pictures of the rest of the car are all over the web and the rest of the body is identical to the current model.

  19. Come on you guys… all you have to do is look to Ford’s past to know the truth!

    1960 — compact Ford Falcon introduced.

    1970/1971 — compact Ford Maverick replaces Falcon, and subcompact Pinto introduced.

    1981 — Ford Escort replaces Pinto.

    1991 — Mazda-based Gen2 Escort arrives.

    2000 — Ford Focus replaces Escort.

    Based on Ford’s typical 10-year cycle, expect a truly new Gen2 Focus (actually Gen3 in the rest of the world) by 2010.

  20. I told you dumb fuc&$ a long time ago not to respond to douchbag, yet your simple little minds can’t resist. For the LAST time, do not respond to him or it or whatever!

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