2008 Nissan Murano

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The new Murano will come out next year as a 2008 model.
Based on the same platform, the design and interior will be all new.

I know this picture is pretty bad, and the car is covered, but I don’t think they can duplicate the great design they came up with for the current generation.
The current Murano still looks more modern that 99% of all cars out there.
But I guess the giant corporation steamroller can’t be slowed down, and a new design will come out .

Funny business where the Murano is redesigned no matter what, and the Focus lasts for ever…

Stay tuned for more Murano pictures.

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  1. This Murano I think would we based as the Quashqai concept (spelling is wrong I know) and it looks as one too. Nissan has to get the rear end of the Murano to straighten up because I myself in my opinion thinks the rear end of the current Murano looks very utterly weird and out of mind like styling.

  2. For some ood reason I don’t think this is actually a Murano…

    If you look at it, it looks SMALLER than the current Murano and I have also heard that Nissan will be coming out with a small SUV based on the Sentra platform. This my friends could be that small SUV.

    Nissan’s Murano was introduced in 2003 right, a year after the Altima. If Nissan is TIGHT lipped with cars like the new Altima and new Sentra, cars that were RARELY caught in the public, what makes you think this new Murano…which isn’t due until MY 2008…would be so readily seen?

    I think its the small SUV based on the new Sentra.

  3. I also don’t think this is the new Murano. It looks smaller and doesn’t appear to have nearly as distinctive a shape. Besides, I think Nissan knows they’ve got a good design with the current gen, and aren’t going to sacrifice it just for the sake of an update. That’s what they did with the new Xterra. But OMFG, here they go again with putting that tooth in the grill. When will they get it through their heads that the bucktooth looks horrible…

  4. It does look smaller but the scale is hard to discern. The only real clue is the size of the driver but it’s so blurry. At the car show this year, I noticed the Murano got its first (and very minor) update: a slightly different facade, a color info screen, and some other touches.

    The Murano is really a groundbreaking product: a stylish and sporty mid-size cross-ute, with a peppy V-6, CVT, big wheels, and an AWD option. It’s relatively affordable and gets great milage for its size. It’s a great family car and dad can still do 0-60 in 7 sec and have fun on the back roads.

    I think if it had slightly more conventional styling, particularly in the grill, it would sell even stronger than it does. I recently read that Murano sales have actually INCREASED as the design aged.

    It’s disappointing that Ford is the only American manufacturer to crack the Murano code–with the Edge. They’re only 4+ years behind.

  5. I’m sure the new one will be bigger than the old one, and the styling will get more distinctive in a Renault… i mean Nissan… kinda way

  6. It does look smaller but the scale is hard to discern. The only real clue is the size of the driver but it’s so blurry. At the car show this year, I noticed the Murano got its first (and very minor) update: a slightly different facade, a color info screen, and some other touches.

    I think you’ve nailed that on the head. The proportions are right but the scale isn’t. You can just make out the figure of the driver and he looks too big to be driving a Murano.

    Also, it makes no sence that you would build the new MO on the OLD Altima chassis when a new car is coming out very soon. I’m assuming, of course, that the new Altima has a completely new platform.

    I’ve enjoyed my MO since late 2003 and am getting close to cracking 50K miles on it. Unfortunately the transfer case and transmission failed at 41K. Fortunately I got great service and was back on the road within a week with a brand new tranny. Normally, something like this would turn me off from a product, but Nissan made several improvements to the CVT in 2005 and stregthened the transfer case for the 2006MY and I was left with a good feeling after dealing with a kick ass service dept.

    IMO, the MO has the best styling of any crossover/wagon on the road. The lines flow over the platform just like a peice of Murano glass (hence the name) I’ve never had a complant about the interior which to this day has not one rattle. The seats are extremely comfortable and the cabin is quiet. The center armrest opens to a space that is more than large enough to store both of my laptops. My only NVH complaint would be that the engine runs a bit rough when first started on cold mornings. However it smoothes out nicely once its warmed up.

    The gas cap says to use premium 92 octane, but nothing over 87 octane has touched the inside of my gas tank and I haven’t noticed any difference except in extra cash in my wallet.

    Nissan now has an all new CVT that is built on the lessons learned from the MO. It should have a wider ratio range between the pulleys and give better accelleration responce and more durability. It will begin its service in the new Altima and is expected to find its way to the Maxima and of course the next gen MO.

    All that said I am hoping that Nissan will offer us the diesel they sell in the European Murano, then I will find it much easier to convince myself to buy again. Otherwise, the Buick Enclave is still at the top of my shopping list in 2008/09

  7. It’s too radically different from the current Murano’s shape (The crossover is named after Italian glass so it’d make sense to stick with the current design language). Moreover, Nissan’s mid-cycle updates of its cars aren’t as noticable as other manufacturers’.

    In San Diego, I see a small Nissan SUV called the “X-Trail.” It looks to be about Sentra sized and is a cleanly and far more conservatively styled mini X-Terra. There have been rumors circulating for years that Nissan would have something to compete with the CR-V and RAV-4.

    Vince, do you know where this shot was taken? Maybe it’s an X-Trail testing for Mexico? Or is Nissan finally going to have something to compete in the mini-ute category?

  8. The new Altima is still based on a slightly revised version of current model’s platform.
    Same story with the next Murano.
    I will post more pictures later, but my sources tell me this is the next Murano.
    The X trail has been on sale around the worls for years.
    we are supposed to get the next version of it.
    It is much smaller than the Murano.
    I believe the pictures were taken in Japan

  9. Well doesn’t it make sense that the X-Trail be replaced before the Murano? The X-Trail has been around for longer, and its design shows that….

  10. Common sense dictates that this is too small to be the next Murano.

    Common sense really isn’t all that common, now is it…?

  11. Hello dear frieds, The Spyking is in! Thanks for asking, this is the new x-trail, and will have a cvt. It’s very hot and agile. in our head to head comparos with crv,rav and bmw x3, this little baby shines. you will all love it!

  12. The Nissan X Trail has been available in Canada since 2005. What you all are talking about is the replacement for the X Trail, and it’s called the “Rogue”. My wife drives a 2006 X Trail and absolutely loves it! I traded my 2003 Murano for a 2005 Pathfinder and am looking forward to the 2008 Murano. The 03 was “bullet-proof” and gorgeous…….now if they would just bring back some decent colors (what’s with the ugly gray???)

  13. I love the nissan murano it very spacous but it needs a third row seat the pathfinder is the same size and it has a third row the Xterra is bigger than the two and it doesn’t have a third row seat. I think it ccould also staand to be a little more fuel effeient too. Overal on a scale of 1to 10 I give it an 8

  14. I, for one, would find the addition of a third row seat a draw back. The spacious room of the current back seat is a huge plus in my opinion. Adding a third row seat certainly would steal space from the middle row. Current back seat space was a major selling point when I bought my 04. I hope it remains that way.

  15. Nope, that’s NOT the new Murano. However, I own a 2004. Great exterior design. Still evokes comments. But quite frankly, poorly & cheaply built. Tinty sounds.Especially for $40,000! Lousy interior design and it seems like every control works bass akwards. Horrible radio control design, heating control design. Awful.

  16. The X-Terra is NOT bigger than the Pathfinder, nor is the Murano. The Murano would not benefit from a third row seat. This would, in fact, detract from the spacious back seat the current model enjoys. Also, the 2004 must have taken a huge leap backwards from my 2003, since it was beautiful and bullet-proof in the design. Everything was practical and functional once the driver got used to the controls. I’d have to say one of the best I’ve ever had. I’ll get another as soon as I’m done with my Pathfinder.

  17. The picture is not of a Nissan Murano. But it is the Nissan Rogue. Which will be making its debut this fall. The Rogue is a smaller version of the Murano, and it’s competitors will be the Hyundai Sante Fe, Honda CR-V, and Toyota Rav-4.

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