2008 Nissan SUV

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I was wrong about the new Murano.
Most of you were right. But I got more info on this small Nissan SUV.

Compared to the current X Trail, it is one inch longer, and as tall and wide.
The base engine (at least for Europe and Japan) will be a 2.0 Liter. The US will certainly get the 2.5 Liter from the Altima.
It is scheduled for a 2007 release as a 2008 model.
From this info, it looks like the X Trail replacement, whatever they decide to call it.

Sorry about the confusion, and I will post even more pictures later.

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  1. Yes, the new x-trail will be this vehicle, it’s a small murano if you want to know exactly what it looks like!

  2. Yeah this is NOT the Murnao –

    this is the Qashqai/Rogue/Dualis (different name for different regions of the world).

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