2008 Nissan SUV

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Just another shot of this upcoming X Trail replacement.
You can see the rear lights better on this one.

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  1. Hmm… This seems like a shortened version of the Murano, at least the rear portion, that is. I just hope that Nissan isn’t betting too much on this vehicle due to the fact that SUV sales have been on the decline due to gas prices skyrocketing. Also, it’s probably wiser for Nissan to move on to a much smoother looking SUV, as opposed to the X-Trail which seemed to me like a heavy-duty vehicle. Only time will tell…

  2. Revised Escape…You mean that dated thing that’s had nothing but new nosejobs every couple of years? Haha. Ford’s pitiful redesign time isn’t helping things with that worn out Escape. At least they’ve announced good riddance to it soon. It will be replaced with the Mazda-designed CX-7.

  3. I don’t know why Nissan even bothered selling the X-Trail in Canada midway through its life-cycle. Why bother importing that third world SUV into a first world market, especially after having already started a new design direction with the Altima, Maxima, Z, Murano, etc.?

  4. I’ll tell you why Phil, you stupid bastard, it’s because in most markets in Canada, it outsells the CRV and in every market where this X-Trail competes with Rav and CRV, it’s #1 in sales. So, you ignorant freak, that’s why it is sold in Canada. Just because the U.S. didn’t have the balls to bring it in isn’t Canada’s fault.

  5. I am wondering if this new Nissan will be introduced as something other than the new X-Trail. Reason being its a rather radical departure from the existing X-Trail which owns a huge market share in Europe and Asia.

  6. I am just wondering if this new Nissan SUV or be sold alongside the X-Trail. Reason being this new design is a radical departure from the existing design which currently sells extremely well in Europe, Asia and Canada.

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