2008 Scion xB

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I know, I know… I already posted this picture before.
But that’s the only one I have of the test mule for the next xB, and I do have bit of info on the car.

It is scheduled for an early calendar year 2007 release. Which would make it a 2008 model.
It will be offered with 2 engines, 1.8 Liter and 2.4 Liter.

The 2.4 is the same engine used in the tC and Camry.
Not sure yet if the US wull get both engines or just the 2.4.

There you have it….

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  1. Interesting … so the xB now gets the 2.4L also? I’m assuming that Toyota will add a more powerful Scion model above the xB and tC.

    I wonder if that 1.8L is the all-new engine that the Yaris T Sport and new Corolla are getting?

  2. What’s the difference? They’re all craps anyway. Quality sucks and the bodies feel like a soda can with rubber maid.

  3. I thought the Xb was supposed to be the twin of the Japanese market Bb the second generation of which has already been released. Will the second gen Xb be different from the second gen Bb?

  4. The US model will no longer be a aversion of the Bb.
    Ours will have its own design and will be larger.

  5. released in early 2007?
    …I wonder where they will unveil it?
    Anyway, 2.4L is a sweet choice.
    How about a six-speed MT?

  6. why are they making it bigger? It defeats the purpose of having a B-segment car. Additionally, it looks almost exactly the same as the current one, just bigger.

  7. Early prototype shows 2.4L Camry engine, the new car will be bigger and “rounder” versus the rectangular look currently.

  8. LOL, yes, it’s the new Whirlpool 20cc Combo Cleaner by Scion from Toyota! Grass, blood, and sludge stains have no chance!

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