2008 VW Golf

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The revised 2006 (For Europe) model isn’t even out yet, that people are already guessing what the next one will look like.
The next one being a real “all new” model due sometime in 2008 in Europe.

That means we might get it around 2012 over here.
If ever…

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  1. Even the 2008 model won´t be all new, but a heavily modified Golf V. Platform, doorframes and some of the greenhouse will remain unchanged, due to heavy cost cutting. Main target is to make the car easier and cheaper to produce, as it takes 50 hours to produce a golf V (average is below the half or a third!).
    So a more dramatic design than usual will have to compensate for a non new golf, which is in fact even of “cheaper” quality than the old (Actually, already the Mk. V feels inferior to me compared to the Mk. IV, at least on the inside) – if that is going to work?
    At least here in Europe I´m sure people will buy it because it´s a Golf, just follow the masses.

  2. I would really love to buy myself a GTI if Volks can demonstrate clearly that they corrected the quality problems they’ve had since…1990 ??

  3. Friends of mine have a 2005 VW (New Beetle) and they are, as we speak, filing papers for the lemon law.
    Over $10 000 worth of repairs (under warranty) within less than 18 months.

    That’s how VW has “corrected the quality problems” so far…

  4. …I am truly glad I frequent this site. I had the newest GTI at the top of my car shopping list….with the “DSG”.

    I am to trade in my old reliable 2002 Camry…what a surprise I would have gotten…

  5. I am not saying they are all bad. You might get a good one.
    I just think VW has more “bad ones” than other car makers.
    Check JD Powers.

  6. I agree! I think that VW’s that were built on Mexico are crap! The ones buit on Germany are half good half bad….but then again cars is a matter of luck…I will give VW a change since they change ther engine lines for 2006 and up! I can’t wait to buy the 2007 GTI / with Manual Trans – THE DSG is cool but if you don’t know who to used it and brake it, it may be expensive to repair….that’s just me!

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