Acura MDX (Concept)

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Acura will show this new Concept at the New York auto show next month.

That’s a surprised.
A slightly disguised version of the redesigned 2007 MDX. (unless they push it a few month to make it a 2008).

Seems like the next MDX will now look like a big RDX…

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  1. the RDX has major detail and proportion issues! it looks really bad. but this MDX concept looks pretty decent. Racier than the current MDX but not as flamboyantly styled as the FX or Murano. I can’t wait to see the interior!

  2. I kinda hope they don’t screw it up with a useless V8. The current MDX is as competent with its V6 as other lux SUVs with their V8s. Honda always excellently matches its engines/trannies/cars.

  3. always thats a joke. how about the tsx with a 4 cyliner every compalaint it gets is because of the engine. or the ridgeline and the v6 another point for complaint. hell the ridgeline in general. not quite always or excellent but good enough for hondas

  4. Maybe they are finally going to offer optional engines? V6 and V8 options? would be smart of them, I would think. My 2 cents…

    – Kern

  5. Maybe Acura will finally offer optional engines for the MDX…? V6 and V8 engines? That would be smart of them, I think. My 2 cents….

    – Kern

  6. I disagree on the TSX, its a sports sedan, and not supposed to muscle around, the engine should be revved.

    As for the Ridgeline: It shouldn’t exist. Thats as simple as it gets.

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