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This isn’t brand new, but it is finally getting on sale in Europe.

The prices start at around 30 000 Euros for the 2.0 Liter to 42 000 Euros for a loaded 2.8 Liter V6 (255hp).

If it seems expensive to us, remember that in Europe a 2.0 Liter (non Turbo) Audi A4 starts at around 26 000 Euros.
A 150hp BMW 3 Series starts at around 29 000 Euros.
And a FWD 2.0 Liter Jaguar X Type is about 30 000 Euros.

So the BLS is right in there for a Luxury brand.
That means they could have sold it for maybe around $25 000 in the US.
I know, they claim the exchange rate makes this impossible.

But how can Jaguar sell us a 3.0 Liter V6 X Type over here for $32 000 when it starts at over 40 000 euros in Europe then?

I think the BLS might have been a pretty good “entry level” car for Cadillac in the US.
What do you think?

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  1. europeans like their small 2 liter cars.
    this wouldn’t work over here. but it’s good to see cadillac teaching them how to make a luxury car right.even a small one

  2. If it looks like a douche, smells like a douche, acts like a douche…it’s a fuckin douche! Another GM piece of shit!

  3. It would be too expensive if they built it in Europe and exported it here. However, this car shares the Epsilon platform with several American assembled GM vehicles. GM could definitely build and sell the BLS in the US and keep the pricing reasonable.

  4. I would love to have one if it came to the US, especially if it started around $25,000. By the way what does BLS stand for? I know the C in CTS is Caterra, and S in STS is Seville, and the D is Deville in DTS…

  5. Its a reskinned Saab, the interior and dimensions are almost identical to the Saab 9-3. Its good to see the europeans showing Cadillac how to build a luxury car right.even a small one.

  6. While this car looks decent, if GM tried to sell it in America, they would be criticized for trying to sell us a fancy Malibu or G6. People would compare it to the Cimarron.

  7. volvo sells the s40 and v50 over there…and they’re based on the european focus platform.

    as long as the car performed well, the cimarron analogies would eventually disappear – if they were ever stated to begin with.

    question: why does the interior look better–in terms of design and materials–than the CTS and the SRX? both of those cars cost significantly more than the BLS…

  8. GM has a new brand for Europe:


    At least this Saabillac looks nice! Better than the CTS by far.

  9. While this car looks decent, if GM tried to sell it in America, they would be criticized for trying to sell us a fancy Malibu or G6. People would compare it to the Cimarron.

    I can understand whay that analogy would be made, but I don’t think I could agree with it. The Cimarron was nothing more than a rebadge, platform sharing is hardly rebadging. The Epsilon platform is used the Malibu and G6, but it is also used by Opel and Saab in cars that a actually quite good. The average car buyer isn’t going to have a clue that the BLS has any DNA shared with a Malibu and most of the rest are simply not going to car as long as the BLS is a good car.

  10. I’d guess the interior materials look better than the CTS or SRX because the BLS was designed specifically to appeal to Europeans, who are extremely demanding when it comes to the quality of interior materials. Another factor is that a lot of the interior componentry (door trims, steering wheel) are taken directly from the Saab 9-3, so the materials used on the dashboard would need to be of a comparably high quality.

  11. i think it would have been better than the cts, its exterior is to big,and the inside is cheap. this would be a better fit for the market

  12. Do you know that in this BLS diesel version came from FIAT,this is FIAT’s
    1.9 TD 16V common rail engine from all FIAT cars

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