Chery S22

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Let’s hope this one isn’t part of the planned US line up for next year.
I love fun looking cars, but this looks like it came from the Roger Rabbit ride in Disneyland.

Which begs the question: how safe is it in real streets, really?

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  1. these chinese comunist cars should never be allowed to set foot in the us of a!
    wake up america!
    this is the 1st step to a chinese invasion

  2. Maybe if we ignore the Jones kid, he will leave us alone. Nobody cares what u think kid!

    Anyway, I dont think the Chinese cars will make it in the U.S. because of the lack of brand and image. Nobody has ever heard of these cars, and their scary enough as it is to look it. People will be afraid that they are going to look like poor scum if they drive these cars around. And who knows about the quality?

  3. The auto industry is fragmented in China with dozens of independent companies–like cars were in the U.S. early in the 20th Century, and the way computers were 20 years ago.

    There will be a shakeout in China and a few major brands will survive. The best will make it to the U.S. which is OK. As for an invasion of Chinese cars here, it’s not going to happen.

  4. Hey that roof over the driver’s head looks like it’s already been through a crash test.

    Oh well, at least this one is more original than other Chinese cars. Maybe they were getting some inspirations from whacky Citroens.

  5. Anyway, I dont think the Chinese cars will make it in the U.S. because of the lack of brand and image.

    Nobody had heard of Hyundai or Kia not that long ago and they’re doing rather well in the US market.

    I personally would hope that Chery DOES bring this to the US. The more failures the better.

    Heh, considering Bricklen is the moron trying to bring Chery to the US, I’d say there’s a good chance this POS will be here.

  6. Looks like a stretched limo version of a Hyundai Atoz. In other words, daft. I didn’t know that that car could have a worse grille, though in Chery’s defence, the “face” of a car in Asia is meant to be “happy”.

  7. Look at those tiny wheels! You know we won’t get this one. The hottest sellers in China are the micro people movers with 600cc engines. Death traps on wheels. None of these will ever be sold in safety legislated countries. They are relatives of the micro Japanese pickups used by landscapers on golf courses, which are not legal for road use in USA.

  8. Bricklyn may have failed with the fuji rabbit and the bricklyn, but he also imported the 1st subarus, Sure the 360 was a funny little car with a 2 stroke engine, and now they make cars that win wrc rallys…. all the cars need to be is fuel efficient and cheap, and i have already seen the honda clone industrial engines that cost $150 usd vs $500usd, and for that price you can replace them and throw the broken one away. lets face it thats the american way! oh and commie china has been around alot longer than the united states and the way things are going usa isnt looking so good as it used too

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