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Another day, another Chinese copy….
Who would have thought to blend designs of the BMW X5 and Toyota (non US ) Land Cruiser.
Well, someone in China did.

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  1. its funny these chinese companies seem pretty good at copying other desighns they should be equally as good at creating their own……, bmw seems to be a popular copy for these chinese companies

  2. I can see BMW sueing over that one…

    Best of luck to them. The Chinese courts aren’t exactly very good at enforcing international copywrites. As long as these guys sell them only in China, they’ll probably get away with it.

    This is how bad it is over there. One Chinese company actually made an EXACT DUPLICATE of a Honda motorcycle and sold it in China. It actually sold very well. Honda sued and LOST. Honda did the only sensible thing they could do after that, they couldn’t beat them, so they joined them in a partnership. That same Chinese company is now building OFFICIAL Honda motorcycles.

  3. how can anyone say that the X5 doesn’t look THIS good!??

    The X5 is an innovator; it created a new segment of SUV. This car is copying what is now a very old design.

    Chinese copyright laws are a joke (but then, so are their human rights laws and their hygiene!! :P)

  4. The inside is a total copy of the Lexus GX470. And they ripped off the Ssangyong logo too at the back.
    But I could see the day when the Chinese would be at the top with the Japanese and the Korean with the Domestics left behind the trail.

  5. Actually the front end of this SUV looks like the Lexus GX470. Their mid-size SUV. (Based on the 4Runner.)

  6. this car is sooo ugly, it looks like a generic mix of retarded parts that u might see on TV or something when the advertisers arent trying to give away the brand of the car used in the commercial

  7. I see nothing wrong borrowing what has worked with other car companies. Saves design costs in order to build an affordable automobile. 300c did the same to the bentley. Why aren’t the same people objecting to that?

  8. LOL all companies copy , its the nature of the beast. Lets face it, there would only be Ford standing if everyone hadn’t copied Henry Ford’s assembly line.

  9. Honestly,I dont understand why the Chinese companies such as SsangYong cant make their vehicles with a personal design and not copy other designs as they usually do. I have seen copies of the Rav4, the Camry and other vehicles….. and now this; a Toyota Prado and a BMW X5 joined as one. Dont get me wrong, it is not such a bad car. I just wish these Chinese people could just make one car without copying vehicles already made.( Of course, these copies are almost as good as the original, but MUCH CHEAPER!!!)

  10. guys, let’s just end this … has anyone actually seen the full pics ? i would not mistake the “copy” for any x5, not even a badly aftermarket modified one …

    copies do not last … what would worry the other carmakers is how chinese autos will be like in 10-15 years given hyper-catch up advancement in their technology and progress.

    back in 1990, korean cars were laughing stock, lexus was just starting and toyota wasn’t world’s no. 1 … and in the 70s, toyopets were well, toys, american cars were cooler than euros and russia was a superpower …

  11. Oh man, Didn’t know Chinese were up to this level already. I think these copies wont hurt the originals, but what’s incredible is, they mixed X5’s back with Toyota Prado’s front and a Lexus interior.

    I could see the performance of these cars to be a disaster and safety as well.. But man, they are really learning, and fast.

  12. So what’s the big deal? Didn’t the Germans and Americans copy a lot their designs from the Japanese? i.e. the first cross-platform suv was the RAV4. Just a lot of whiners….

  13. Interesting, the Sorento front end on the ever ugly X5 rear.
    It’s an ugly copy of some really bugly SUVs.

  14. Actually the back of this SUV was copied by BMW cause this Ssangyong was sold in Africa way back 1993 and 1994 and BMW starts making SUV in 1999 do your search guys.

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