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For those who complain about the spare tire behind the RAV4.

There is no reason for it.
I guess they can get rid of it if they want to, the European version of the RAV4 doesn’t have it.
It also doens’t have the 3rd row or the 3.5 Liter V6.

So I guess, it’s never perfect…

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  1. Toyota is dividing the RAV4 into two versions, which is interesting, though they did that with the ninth-generation Corolla, too (Japan–US model, then a European model). I have never been a RAV fan, though I guess I could say Toyota is staying faithful to its customer base with this evolution.

  2. Old News, This was shown last September at the Frankfurt Motorshow when the RAV4 made it’s World Debut.

    Must be a slow news day is cars news world.

  3. If they have to put the spare tire in the trunk, there is no more space for the 3rd row seat… That’s just logical.

    About the 3.5, who really needs that much horsepower anyway?

  4. Yep, no third row because the spare tire is in that space. But let´s be honest, the RAV 4 is really way too small for a third row. What( o whom?) can you store there. EVen on pics it looks tiny.

    I really can´t figure out why there has to be suddenly a fold out third row in every car (excl. coupes and so on), no one needed those micro seets before. If you need seven seets, buy a proper sized vehicle, a van!

    And for the 3,5: We don´t get it in Europe as there is no market for a 4.30 m compact SUV with that much hp & displacement (& consumption as result), everyone goes for the superb new 177hp Diesel, which offers even more pulling power.

  5. Whare are you talking about Mick, There is no spare tire in cargo area of Euro Spec RAV4 X/T180 model. This model with out rear spare wheel/tire has run-flat tires so no space is lost in cargo area to a spare wheel.

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