Farewell to the SSR

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Production of the Chevrolet SSR ended last week, after 24 150 units were made.

Against all business logic, GM decided to put the SSR concept into production.
It became a big, overpriced, 2 seater hardtop pick up truck convertible.
I would think the market for this kind of thing was limited at best.

It is always cool to see one in the streets, but you wonder if GM resources could have been better spent elsewhere.
Like designing a good looking Malibu, or something….

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  1. never understood the small volume american 2 seaters, they put barely any power in them, cheap interior materials, overprice it, than after a couple years they get tid of them. Prowler-$45,000, v6, ssr 300hp $46,000, crossfire 215hp over 30,000. the ssr interior was cheap no full power seats, odd ergonomics, and it cost as much as a corvette. if gm would have took the time to desighn it properly from the start it would have sold more, same with the prowler, the hemi engine, a better interior would have been perfect for a hot rod.

  2. I actually like the way the SSR looked. It was just way too expensive and like EVERYTHING General Motors does…it flopped!

  3. This is like a night club that features waltz dancing and eel dinners. All 5 people in town who appreciate that combination dine there, but the place closes because nobody else cares to go there.

    The SSR never made sense because there wasn’t any market for such a vehicle–especially at the lofty price tag placed on it.

    Really now: Who was supposed to buy that thing?

  4. I agree with the first post about the cheap interior and so on, but the SSr also had a second problem shared with cars like the New Beetle, Maybach, Prowler and so on: some designs work great as concept cars, but selling them is another topic. (oh yes, the T-Bird comes also to my mind).

    Audi might be right with not producing the TT Estate as mentioned below, there wouldn´t be a market for that as well.

    And for the europeans here: Even the Fiat Multipla got applause as a concept!! (don´t remeber, but was the Aztec also a concept car before?)

  5. a true american classic.one of the best cars ever made
    get them while thy’re hott
    it’ll be worth twice the price next year

  6. That’s what happens when you depend on rich grandpas to carry a product line.

    And Vince, if you’re keeping track, add me to the list of people who’d like to see Summer’s Eve banned from your blog.

  7. Me three onto that list.

    Frumpy styling, lackluster interior pieces, and a V8 hand-me-down at near-Corvette price = LOSER…It was just a matter of time before this was killed off.

  8. FUGLY. I remember when one of the GM dealers along the 405 freeway had 10 of these things lined up on the roof.

    Funny how GM built this thing instead of sticking their excelent LS1/LS2 engines in an afordable RWD sedan for America. How in hell did the make a business case for this and not a sedan? WTF are they smoking.

    RIP POS.

  9. Impractical ? Ugly? Overpriced?
    So was the 1962 250 GT Ferrari Coupe @ 12,600.00 So thought my dad.I passed up my gut feeling to buy one. Now they’re worth over 2 MIL !!!I won’t make that same mistake on the SSR.I ‘ve got 6 of these low mileage and new treasures in storage.Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

  10. Sunshine’s got it right. Love mine; superb speed & performance from the 390 HP 6.0 L; and get buried with appreciative comments where ever I go. Dunno about the “cheap interior” comments; mebbe some ain’t retro-cool enough to ‘get it’. I’ll have mine forever, & Sunshine will make a killin.

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