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Just thought I’d show you something else we cannot get over here.
A navigation system with rear camera in the Azera.

It’s not a big deal really.
But I was very impressed by the big Hyundai at the auto show. And I thought one of the missing features (besides Xenon headlights) was a navigation system. I know quite a few people would actually get one.

Hyundai claims they will offer it “later” in the US.

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  1. Azera is selling very strong right now, especially the Limited version. It doesn’t surprise me to hear that Hyundai will be offering the Nav and HID. Also available in Azera but not yet offered in the U.S. is passive entry, rear park assist, adjustable rear suspension, imbedded outide turn signals. XM Satellite will soon be included. These are just some of the options that didn’t make it to the U.S.

    With the early success of the Azera I wouldn’t be surprised to see even more of these options make it on the ’07 model if demand keesps up. Overall this is one sweet riding car. Very quiet too.


  2. This is just one sweet lookin’ little car. Its hard to say no to something that is as well priced as the Azera. They really should offer the NAV/backup camera though. You can get NAV on a Mazda 3, so why not the Azera?

  3. Hyundai’s electronis supplier (Hyundai/Mobis I believe) has not developed a NAV system for the US market… so the Hyundai family of vehicles don’t have the component for the vehicles. Kia has recently stated that they are upset that their new Sedona won’t have the feature because of Mobis.

  4. Wow! Thanks for posting those pics. The integration looks great. I bought my mother an Azera that replaced her ’03 Accord. She feels more safe in this car and it is stable in the snow. The power is more than enough. My wishes are sport package w/ 18″ wheels, Nav, cooled seats, HID headlamps and a nicer key w/ integrated keyless controls. Hyundai will become a top-5 automaker by 2010. Wait till the new Elantra!

  5. I bought an Azera Limited with Ultimate package 2 months ago and absolutaly love the car. My wife didn’t understand why I paid nearly $30 000 for a Hyundai, but now she does. The exterior is really striking, looks much better in real life. The rear LED tail lights appear fiery and get alot of attention by people passing by. The interior is of very high quality and boasts almost every useful feature, except navigation system, which I have no use for anyways. The Hyundai dealership offered me an aftermarket one, but I opted not to get it. The engine is extremely quiet and powerful and, best of all, it uses regular gas! It really is the greatest car for the money.

  6. I’m not impressed with it. I don’t know where all the BIG INTERIOR SPACE is hiding. I thought it was no roomier in the front seats than a Camry.
    It also has that Korean plastic STANK!

  7. Don’t worry about it, that is just the DoucheJuice. His granddaddy was killed by a kraut in WWII and his daddy by a gook in Korea.
    Now he is just a redneck xenophobe that has a blanket hate of all foreign cars instead of judging each on their own merits.

  8. im starting to see alot of azera’s on the road, love the tail lamps, but you know what ? thats about all. this car seems so bloated, like it needs to go on a diet and be sexier ! the car reminds me of the last generation of mazda 929 that always seemed too fat, and 30k for this car is a joke ! id much rather have a entry level 3 series for a little more money !

  9. I looked at the Azera when it first came out, both at the NYC auto show and then at the final production version as delivered locally. I was impressed with the general detail and finish of the car, BUT for a near luxury category, navigation, HID lights, bluetooth phone connectivity and an intelligent key system are on my “expected details” list. Thus the Azera was more of a pretender than a contender in my shopping considerations.

  10. RE: Shopping the Azera and expecting Bluetooth, HID, GPS, intelligent key, etc.

    I am still “shopping,” but the list is narrowed to:

    Infiniti G35, coupe or sedan
    2007 Camry Hybrid

    I am leaning most strongly toward the Camry Hybrid, as it has all the electronics (except HID lights), decent performance (Motor Trend reports 7.9 sec. 0-60) and it gets really great mileage for a car with that kind of performance.

    We are on our second Prius (first 2004 passed on to family member at 40,000 miles; second 2006 loaded with leather interior). We have been MOST impressed with the gadgets and the mileage of the Toyota hybrid technology.

    My “dream car” would be a new Supra HYBRID, but that is still only a distant rumor.

  11. George, thank you for your feedback.

    I am also looking forward to driving the Camry Hybrids but I am worried about batteries.
    Nobody really mentions they need to be replaced after maybe 8 or 9 years.
    No one really know the cost either…

  12. Vince,
    About battery replacement in hybrids:

    I have read in several magazines that the CURRENT cost of replacing a full Toyota battery pack would be about $3400. Yes, this is very expensive, but…they are separate battery units, and generally not all would fail at the same time, thus not the full cost would have to be met. Second the strong projection is that in another 8-10 years, we might even have both cheaper…and lighter (e.g. lithium) battery options available.

    But let’s take the worst cast of $3400. In California and several of the other similar states, the battery pack has a 10 year and 150,000 life warranty. At 10 years divided into $3400 total, the amortized battery cost is about $340 per year. Added into the actual fuel savings with the vehicle, one is still FAR AHEAD, even if the full current replacement cost was to be faced at that later point.

    And the hybrid driver is still saving many, many gallons of Middle East purchases each year and extending our general reserves through significantly increased regular “mileage.”

    It still seems like a win-win for all parties–the driver and the environment.

    George in Sacramento

    p.s. Please do not publish the following ….Because I was about the first person in Sacramento to “order” the 2004 Prius (about 5 months before they arrived and right after the NYC Auto Show where they were introduced), I got mine for $500 over invoice. I have been so impressed that I have further sent another 5-6 purchasers to my local fleet sales guy and also some other conventional purchases over the years. I was able to purchase the fully loaded 2006 Prius for almost $2000 under MSRP (about $1200 over invoice though on that one), and I have negotiated a purchase order on the 2007 Camry Hybrid loaded at dealer cost (invoice) plus $1000. With the Federal tax credit on the 2006 Prius of around $3100 that takes it’s cost to around $24500 and the 2007 Camry Hybrid should be about $27600 minus the estimated $2100 credit…Those are very hard to pass “bottom lines” for driving both technologically amazing vehicles….don’t you think?

  13. Anonymous said…
    “Wow, way to insult Koreans by insulting the plastic, you bigot.”

    You’re obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you?
    I was referring the plastic smell, not the people you idiot.

  14. i dont like hyundai but they did an ok job on styling. they used cheap materials though, but you get what you pay for. i am looking at the benz e350

  15. I’ve owned a MB e350, an avalon and a lexus ls460. the AZERA is a much more pleasing car than all of them, and mi wifes 08 caddy cts as well. The azera LT with NAV at 27k after discounts and rebates is not only a better deal but a better car, it even has a rear sunshade standard. The plastic in the 2008 hyundais is from a new sourde, and much higher quality. My e350 has much more thin cheesy black plastic, and it was @XX the price. Hyundai is great, i drove a Genesis V8 in Seoul and it went like a Corvette, but cooler and quieter. Each sealer might get 5 of them be 03/09 so slap down a deposit if there is any left and wait I DID

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