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I posted an illustration a little while ago, but this is the real thing!
Proof that Lexus is indeed planning to squeeze a 5.0 Liter V8 in a 2 door version of the new IS.

No matter what you might think of Lexus/Toyota, they are getting really to be pretty serious competition to BMW.

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  1. Toyota has a 5.0?
    Why dont they drop the 5.0 in the new LS rather than the 4.6? But if this is true, this will be one hell of a car. I wonder how many HPs this engine can pump out.

  2. The 5.0L V8 is not 100% confirmed to be real … yet.

    The proof should come when Lexus reveals the LS Hybrid in New York. That’s rumoured to be using a 5L V8 combined with Toyota’s hybrid system.

    At the very least, if Lexus was to stick the 3.5L V6 from the IS350 into this thing, it would still be fast, because it would be lighter than an IS350. But the exciting thing is that Lexus has indirectly, through various ways, hinted that there will be a V8 IS. Even if this *only* had the 4.6L V8, it would still be very fast, and easily a match for the coming V8 M3.

    The 4.6L makes 380HP, and 370 lb-ft torque.

    The 5.0L engine is supposed to be a bored out version of the 4.6L, and rumoured to be making about 450HP.

    Those fender flares are enlarged compared to the IS sedan, and that looks like a more muscular and curvier rear end.

  3. OMG…i have a hard time beliving that lexus would keep such a sought after car so open…could this be a chop?

    it’s beautiful…it stuck to it’s roots

  4. Toyota does not have a 5.0, and even if they did, do you think it will out perform the coming 400+ HP M3?

    Not gonna happen. Look at the current IS. It is faster than the 330i, yet the 330i wins all the reviews. It may go fast in a straight line, but Toyota knows nothing about handling and their cars are boring.

    Not even close… no cigar

  5. Toyota has a 5.0?
    Why dont they drop the 5.0 in the new LS rather than the 4.6? But if this is true, this will be one hell of a car. I wonder how many HPs this engine can pump out.

    Yea that’s got me curious too. But I suppose they could just stroke the 4.6 into a 5 liter (or a 4.9 as with the old Mustang)

  6. Always a bridesmaid…. too little too late, as Lexus decides to finally try to compete with the almighty G35, with their first effort, a monster new “G” will arrive soon. Nice try. At least in this higher end segment, the buyers are more intelligent and they recongnize Infiniti’s supremity over Lexus.Intelligent succesful people aren’t followers, they go to whoever does it best, that’s the thinking that makes them successful. In the simpleton, sheep market it’s a little harder to convice commoners that Nissan is far superior to Toyota.It’s taking time but it will happen!

  7. I’m not digging the design of this at all. Maybe it’s because that b-pillar looks just too damn straight. Certainly looks weird from this angle.

    I wish they’d do something about the IS250 engine. They could’ve at least dropped in the 3.0 liter from the current GS300. Pretty much any econobox can school IS250 in 0-60 now. :-/

  8. No matter what engine they cram into this coupe, you have to admit they did a nice job on coverting the sedan design to a coupe version.

    Lets just hope Lexus include a way where you can turn their traction/stabilizing conrtol off.

    Kudos to Lexus for a job well done.

  9. IS 500 Coupe or the upcoming nwe M3 ??? I think I’ll take M3..

    However, i think if lexus does decide to make the IS 500 and sells well, Infiniti is probably gonna make a V8 version of the its upcoming new G35 coupe… in that case, i think I’ll take the infiniti.

  10. This photo is true, they are testing this car in Arizona right now, along with the Lexus supercar LF-A. It does have a 5.0L V8.

  11. Sam, do you posess some sort of magical crystal ball that you know this? Months ago, many of you would have laughed that Toyota had a 4.6L V8 making 380HP, and almost as much torque. It seems that you are an avid magazine reader, ignorant to the reality of things.

    The new IS actually is quite a capable handler, and in many of the reviews, you will see it pulls similar skidpad numbers to the 330i. The VDIM system on the Lexus definitely limits it’s performance, but there is a “cheat code” method to disable it. I have yet to see a review of the IS350 with the system disabled, but I have seen demonstration videos of the car with the system turned off, and drivers were able to do big burnouts, drift the car, and let the tail loose. The 330i wins because magazines and journalists are obsessed with the driving feel. They seem to ignore the luxury aspect of luxo sports sedans. Both the Lexus and BMW are luxury sport sedans, but reviews seem to focus only on the sport. If that is the case, then a Subaru Legacy is a better buy than either the BMW or Lexus, as it costs less, has tremendous handling ability, and good performance. And I myself have seen at least one review where the IS350 beat the 330i.

    It is amusing to be reading your comments, as they sound almost pre-fabricated, as if you are one of the many kids out there who say the exact same thing, without having any sort of knowledge or experience to back up your claims (ignoring all previous sports cars made by Toyota, and ignoring the tremendous motorsports history of Toyota).

    I predict that when Toyota finally shows the production version of it’s Lexus supercar, many people such as yourself will be in utter shock and disbelief. Forums and blogs no doubt will be raging with anti-Toyota fervor.

    But getting back on topic …

    It’s unlikely that the new M3 will go *above* 400HP, because then it will be stepping close to M5 territory. As opposed to previous M cars, both the new M3 and M5 have high rev engines, redlining above 8000 RPM, and they have a lot less torque than HP, which is almost a universal with high rev high HP engines.

    The Lexus IS coupe will most definitely have an engine that redlines somewhere in the 6K RPM range just like the current IS sedan.

    I would also like to add that judging by that picture, the car seems camoed, or not that final design. There is now way the final design would be out in the open like that, and I think this parcticular specific is black for a reason. Also notice the strange grille, and the fender flares look a bit awkard to be a final design.

  12. well maybe customers are ignoring this also, since not only does the 3 series consistenly win these tests, but also is the best seller in its category period. on top of being one of the most expensive besides xtype, and c class, people are spending the extra money for a reason it is simply a better car. if lexus intented on competing with the softer cars in the category they should have left the es to do that, not the 3 series sized is. the handling and overall ride quality combination just isnt there, lexus still cant beat bmw at being bmw, hell let it go just be boring old lexus….

  13. Who ever made that comment about Infinity is leaving a dream. Lexus is not competing againts Renaults rebadge as Nissans or Infinitys. They are going for the real dogs, like M3, M5, AMG. So your plasticky Renault products being sold as Infinitys or Nissans are ont on the radar. (By the way did they ever fix the uneven and premature wear of the tires, problem on the Z and the G35?). I don’t care for Lexus either, but Infinity is not any better in quality, they are all trying to fight the big dogs.

  14. Too many haters out there….gotta give Lexus props for upping the anty again (remember 98?) The coupe looks great..let’s hope they keep it under 50k.

  15. I still think that the face of this car makes it look like it’s constipated, which in some weird way seems in keeping with Lexus’ design philosophy, LOL.

  16. Lexus OWNs bmw in the US market at least. They have for a while. At least since the E60. Get used to it.

  17. lol thats funny lexus owns what, how well did the last lexus is do…hmm. didnt do anything at all. for that matter the 3 series out sells every car in the segment by a huge margin, on top of that lexus have been trying to looking be mercedes for years with no luck, what makes them think they can bmw, lexus are cars for people who think they are to good to drive buicks but want one. they are all deprivation chambers on wheels big boring and ugly, im confused as to how lexus can make a sedan that looks like a 4 door scion coupe and think that could beat the benchmark in the class yeah right, on top of that, the 5 series is the benchmark in its segment while the gs is left looking like a chromed up maxima, with vague handling, should i go further of course not, take a back seat lexus and try again buddy…lexus owns bmw lol your to funny.

  18. The 3 is selling real well here in the states though compared to other cars in its class. If I were to chose between the M3 or the IS500, I think I would go with the IS. IS wins in interior, acceleration times, and exterior looks in my opinion. M3 would most likely take the handling category over any car period at the moment although Lexus is catching up. An Infiniti G with a 5.0 would also be interetsing as well.

    Off topic question but is Chris Bangle still the chief designer for BMW?

  19. I’ve sat in BMWs and I just don’t see the attraction. At all. Overrated, overpriced and with nasty interiors that my GS leaves for dead. Plus, all old 3-series are driven by chavs in burberry caps, which means that no matter how much the car was when new, you’ll look like trailer trash when you drive it.

  20. …and if you hate Toyotas, you obviously haven’t owned one. My father’s on his third Toyota. Worst car he ever had was a Ford. I’ve had four Toyotas and am now on my second Lexus. Would NEVER buy a BMW. Or a Ford. Would buy a Merc though – the 311cdi is quite spacious inside!

  21. the only thing a gs leaves behind are kias and hyundais, toyotas own avalon is a nicer car…trailer trash drive bmws thats laughable since bmw and mercedes are the most expensive, prestigous, and best brands in the luxury segment(exluding ultraluxury). you should know that hell that is what the gs was modeled after in 98 the e class…, its performance was modeled after the 5 series(and failed in both areas), bmws are for people that demand the best in all areas handling, styling, quality, detail, luxury performance etc., and the original(benchmark)(not some toyota bmw/mercedes knock off)lexus is for people who should driving camrys, obviously arent the right fit for real luxury cars like bmw and mercedes, but need a luxury nameplate, and not a luxury sports sedan. you can always tell a bmw driver, and those that drives those brands that wish they were bmw. get rid of that knock off than come back to the discussion

  22. If the BMW drivers actually did demand the best in all areas, namely quality, they wouldn’t be driving a BMW, now would they. It is sad when both Mercedes and BMW are having more quality problems than Kia and Hyundai. Why would I want a great handling car if I knew it was going to literally fall apart if I kept it more than a couple years.

  23. I have to tell I love BMWs, in fact I am driving a 2002 M5 with all the goodies. It is a good car, but I have to admit the qualities are way low for a car that cost $80,000. In that aspect, I see Lexus is more reliable especially on the little things like ash tray, switches, even the instrument cluster can be faulty sometimes, but the engine is out of this world and Lexus has a lot of ways to go.

  24. I find it laughable that some of you are comparing 3 Series sales to the IS. First off, the 3 Series has a multitude of variations, including coupes, wagons, several different engine choices, not to mention convertibles. The IS will soon get more model choices as well, and it’s sales will surely rise.

    Also, the 3 Series has been around for decades, and has great brand recognition, where as Lexus IS brand recognition pales in comparison.

    The 3 Series has been the established market leader for a very long time, just like Ford’s F-Series pickups.

    What’s interesting though is if you look at 330i sales compared to IS350 sales, both of which are the upper scale of 3 Series and IS models, then IS350 sales are only off by about 2-3 hundred units. IS350 and 330i sales are very close, and they are priced similarly. Where the 3 Series gets the majority of its sales is with the 325i, as well as all of the different wagon, coupe, and convertible variations.

  25. Regardless of what anyone writes, people will remain adamant about which nameplate they prefer. Clearly, both Lexus and BMW know what they are doing – sales for both the IS and 3 series speak to that. Personally, I think that each car meets different needs. The 3 series is truly a driver’s car; the IS has the most posh interior of any car under 40k. The 3 series can easily make a left turn at 40+ MPH, but the Lexus is the smoothest ride you’ll find – period. I’ve driven both cars on driving courses (330i and IS 350, that is), and the low-end torque on the IS was amazing, but the handling on the 3 series just left me speechless. Again – it just comes down to what you prefer in your vehicle.

    PS I own e90 330i sport w manual tranny, but use to own 2003 IS 300. It might surpirse you but the old IS actually handled better than the current IS (in fact, i would say its comparable to my 330i) and it had a better low-end torque feel than my 330i (in fact, torque almost identical to 330i – 218 to 220, respectively). Go figure….

  26. Lexus cars cannot be beat for quality and reliability.
    Soon they will surpass the Bimmers and Mercedes in performance.
    In terms of looks, they certainly beat both German makes IMO except for the new Audis.
    I find the BMW’s ugly actually.

    As the models multiply in the Lexus stable, watch them beat all German car makers in sales just like Toyota did with Ford & GM…

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