Lincoln MKS

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I guess you all remember the MKS Concept from just a few weeks ago.
This is the production version.

I know, I know, it is completely covered. But there was another Lincoln prototype in the same lot (a MKZ),and the silhouette is very similar to the MKS Concept.
Let’s hope they didn’t destroy this one like they did with the Zephyr…

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  1. looks like a big rear over hang also but hey judging by the zephys concept into production morph that seems like what will happen the concept version of the zephyr was sporty, short over hangs, still conservative but more stylish, the mks looked like a lexus to me but at least it looked better than the ls. but the same thing happened to the zephyr and im sure this will turn out to be an ugly version of the concept

  2. wow they are out selling an ailing brand, neither something to brag about or a big accomplishment. how much are they selling against the cts, es, is, tl, g35. that is gms and fords problems they have cars that in their best simply compete with the each other and target the same buyer….pointless….

  3. Even covered up, you can tell the design is dated just by the big front and rear overhangs.

    I’d like to think it will be a good car, but I have my doubts.

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